The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 7 (Chapter 27- 40 )



I have to say that I like the first part of the book than the events in London. All the characters smoke and drink too much, and there is little depth in them. I miss Tara as she was in Cornwall, and I really don’t understand her relationship with Digby. She sleeps with him only a few days after first meeting him, and we don’t get the impression that she entertaining any loving feelings towards him. She felt attracted to him, especially because of his prestige and genius, but I don’t know why she threw herself at him in the first place. Was it because she felt disappointed in Inigo? Now after spending a few weeks together, it is Tara who decides they need to part ways. That night she learns that the person Digby loves is Clover, but years ago he made a mistake. He flew to New York alone, and then flirted with Inigo’s mother. Inigo and Digby fought, which is why Inigo doesn’t like Digby, and since Inigo’s mother is good friends with Clover, the particulars of what happened in New York reached Clover, and that was the end of their relationship. Now Tara realises that Digby and Clover are still in love, but they are too stubborn to say anything.

The story between Inigo and Tara is not clear either. We know that Tara would like to be with him, and they even seem to talk about things that Inigo hasn’t told anyone before. However, Inigo doesn’t try anything with her, and Tara thinks Inigo has someone in America, a girl who calls him frequently. Now Inigo is gone, and Tara is alone against the whole paraphernalia of the music industry.

Tara is difficult to understand. The old Tara was easier and more honest. Now she does things she doesn’t believe herself. First, it is the matter with Digby, which I still don’t know why she pursued him in the first place. Then, we know that Tara doesn’t really want to be a famous singer as she is only doing it because that is what her mother would have wanted. Doesn’t she realise that her mother is gone, and even if she were alive, she would have liked her to do what she loved? This will only lead to her misery.

Tara doesn’t even have the support of Lucy any longer. In Cornwall they fell out when they visited Raoul, who is still bedridden in hospital. Lucy was there only a few minutes, and when Tara visited him, he told her that he and Lucy had decided that it was better that they keep away from each other still for a while. Tara feels this is the end of her sister’s marriage. There is the matter that Lucy can’t have children, and now Lucy has confessed to him that she has been seeing another man while in London. Raoul tells Tara that he is planning to return to Spain for a while, and Tara fears that if he goes, this will be the end. Later on Tara and Lucy have a terrible row, ending up with Lucy slapping Tara. Since then, they haven’t seen each other as Lucy has moved in with the guy she is hanging out with now.

Another story that is quite chaotic is Matilda’s. The woman is expecting a baby and can’t care less as she drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. I liked her so much when she was in Cornwall, and now she is so different. Matilda has told Tara and Lucy the story of her last years. She was in love with someone Paul Warren and they were together, but then she discovered that Paul was in love with Billy instead. That discovery filled Paul with shame, and fearing what the world would do once the truth were in the open, he drove his car into a tree and died. By then Matilda was pregnant, so Billy proposed they could marry and that way her child would have a father. I don’t know what to think of this story. It is too messy, and since I don’t like Billy very much, I really don’t care what he and Matilda get up to. I just hope that Matilda stops acting up and thinks about her baby and herself.

I wonder what the end will be like. I really hope that Tara and Lucy leave London behind, and they get their happiness in Cornwall, where happiness is much simpler and nicer.

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