Books Read in November


Another month that goes, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed reading some very good books. I’d like to hightlight the series of Frances Doughty mysteries that I’ve really loved. I’m really looking for the next books in this series. I also want to mention another good book by Michelle Mora, Nefertiti. I’ve also read a new author Isabelle Grey whose book “The Bad Mother” was a delight to read.

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The Baby Trap – What I’ve Learnt


The book is about a woman fighting her fertility problems, so I learnt a lot about what a woman has to go through when there are problems. I had already read what an ordeal for a woman is, and this book, even light in tone, was really enlightening. It is not just the physical battle your body has to fight, but the emotional turmoil you have to go through.

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