The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 8 – The End (Chapter 40 – end )




In the last part all the characters come full circle. First, when Tara is back in Cornwall, she gets a frantic call from Billy, telling him that Matilda is having the baby. Tara rushes to the big house while her sister Imogen tries to find an ambulance. The problem is that there has been a terrible storm, and as a result, a tree has blocked the road, isolating the town. Matilda is in a terrible state, and when she is getting desperate, Lucy appears. Since she always blamed herself for her mother’s death, she has read all the books about childbirth and knows what she has to do. So it is Lucy that delivers Matilda’s baby, a boy who she calls Joseph.

Lucy is also central next as she and Raoul make up. Lucy had confessed to Tara that she made a mistake with Raoul, and she never cheated on him with Brian, the harmonica boy. She simply talked to him, and now Lucy fears that her regrets come too late. Raoul is no longer in hospital and has gone back to Spain. Then when Tara returns to London, Raoul is in Napier House as he is trying to do something for Lucy. He is miserable, thinking that his wife has left him, but he thought he could do something for Napier House, the place he knows Lucy loves. So he located Professor Pevsner, who is checking the house and will try to do something to stop its demolition. It is then that Brian, the harmonica boy, turns up. Raoul tries to hit him, but Brian manages to speak and tell him that Lucy loves him and he would be a fool to let her go. So next Raoul decides to leave the house and rush back to Cornwall, and the next thing we know is that Raoul and Lucy are back together.

Lucy and Raoul have a great surprise when Matilda and her mother decide they won’t sell the big house, but give it to Lucy and Raoul, who they think truly love the house. Lady D-W is very thankful to Lucy because they all think she saved Matilda and baby Joseph. So after the initial shock, Lucy and Raoul are pleased. They will look after Tremallack properly and turn it into a hotel.

This is not the only couple that end up together. Digby and Clover are together in the end. He sells his house and tells Tara that he is going to tell her they move to Paris together. We learn later that Napier House is eventually demolished, and Digby and Clover chain themselves inside the house, so the police have to take them out by force, and they have to spend the night in a  cell.

And clearly Inigo returns to Tara at Christmas. She sees him in her father’s church as she is singing in the choir. Later they talk, and Inigo gives her the elephant she tried to steal when she was ten. So he finally remembered him, and they finally get together. Tara, who has never been convinced about her career, decides to quit. They move to New York where they both sing songs, and they eventually have plans to return to England.

I enjoyed the book, but I have to say that I prefer the first part of the novel. The second part was a bit messy, and the characters had lost that beautiful freshness they had in the first part. I have also discovered that there is a prequel to this book, and I hate it to discover this kind of things after I’ve started or finished a book. Why don’t some publishers bother to add a note about prequels or sequels in the proper books?



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