The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp 6 (Chapter 22-27)



I knew that first day in London was the beginning of Tara as we knew her. That night at the party she meets Digby O’Rourke, a famous photographer. Feeling out of her depth, Tara decides to go out, and when Digby sees her stepping out, Tara makes up the excuse she is going to buy cigarettes. He goes with her, and while they walk, Digby tells her about his life, his mother, who was pushed to her death by her lover after a row, his father and his inability to cope with his wife’s death despite her unfaithfulness, his aunt, who brought him up and left him the house where he lives now. Tara also tells her about her mother and how her death affected him. As they stop to talk, Tara asks him to kiss he and he does so softly.

When they return to the house, Tara decides to change out of the dress she has been made to wear. So she sneaks into a room, and Digby surprises her in her underwear, but he simply says to finish getting dressed, and he asks her to sing for him downstairs. So since she is drunk, Tara gets carried away, and she makes a real show, singing without embarrassment, and the night ends up with Inigo accompanied her on the piano.

This new relationship with Digby will bowl Tara over, and just two days after meeting him, she goes to his house for a photographic session, and when they are left alone, Tara loses her virginity to him. She is later regretful, for letting someone who she hardly knows make love to him, but Digby just tells her to seize the day and worry about nothing else. Tara knows that this will change the rest of her life, and I think she is right. From then on she gets to visit Digby every day, and although everybody tells her that she is just one girl on a long list of admirers, Tara can’t stop feeling drawn to him. It is interesting that Tara knows that this is all fake, and Digby doesn’t even call her by her real name, so it is a s if she knows that this is like a dream and nothing is real.

Tara is also worried about Lucy. She hardly talks about Raoul, and she admits that she gave a man at the party her phone number, and Tara discovers that he called. So I wonder how things will pan out for Lucy and her marriage. It doesn’t help that in the last chapter Tara starts talking to a woman in a restaurant while waiting for Matilda, and she and Lucy hear the woman wax lyrical about leaving her husband for the man she has been having an affair with. Tara is worried that Lucy might want to follow the woman’s steps with the first woman who comes to her as her marriage is not going through the best moment, and Tara knows how unpredictable and untrustworthy her sister is in that department. At least, the next weekend they are going back to Cornwall to spend time with their family, and hopefully Lucy will be able to talk to her husband and sort out things.



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