The Gift 5 – The End



I have mixed feelings about the ending. We discover the whole mystery when Jenna goes to find Tom and Amanda, and the three of them go to look for Sophie at the caravan park where the family spent their holidays. Sophie is there, and they eventually find her. The truth comes out. I was wrong about Callie having an affair; she was only trying to help her sister when she crashed the car and died. Sophie got involved with Owen, who got her hooked on drugs and then her addiction meant a huge debt with Neil, the man who terrorised Jenna when she went to the pub.

It was Owen who hit Callie when she tried to make Sophie leave him. When the man turned against her, Sophie hit him with some hard object and killed him. Sophie was too scared as she knew she would go to prison, so she got her sister help her bury the body in the aerodrome, the place where a body has recently been discovered. The night Callie died she was supposed to get Sophie and they’d leave for Spain, but her accident prevented that.

Then there is also a discovery about Owen and the family. When Sophie got into debt because of her addiction, Owen proposed she could get big money if she smuggled drugs abroad using her father’s business, and she did, using her mother’s help. The only person who didn’t know about this is Tom. Joe, his brother, discovered the truth when he went through the accounts as they disassembled the business, but Amanda made him swear to secrecy for Tom’s sake.

That night when the truth is revealed, Sophie has the gun Owen gave her, and when she sees Jenna as a possible risk to her freedom, she shoots the gun, but then Joe pushed her and she gets wounded still, and at the same time Tom has a heart attack. Jenna then gets scared because she fears Amanda will try to kill her to keep her quiet. I am not sure why Jenna thinks Amanda will go as far as that. We know that she was ready to do anything for her daughters, but murder was another thing. In any case, Jenna, feeling weak and sick, flees and Amanda runs after her. She manages to hide in a secret gap on the floor of a cottage, and then the phone rings and it is Tom. She manages to tell him where she is and she is in danger. Then Amanda discovers her, and the two women fight. Jenna manages to fight the woman with a golf club, and then she passes out.

When she wakes up next, she is in a hospital, and Sam is in a chair by her side. She is told that she had an infection, but she is going to be fine. It is clear that Sam still loves her, and they finally talk. She talks about her fears and why she thought she couldn’t force him to settle with a life with her. I love the conversation, and thankfully, they admit their love for each other, and when Sam asks her to marry him, she accepts this time. We also learn that Sophie died that night, and Amanda is in jail. A year after that Jenna is getting ready for her wedding day, and we can see that she has left those bleak moments after her disease behind. She and Sam now own a three-bedroom house as Jenna felt she couldn’t stay in the flat that made her so scared. She knows that the person who broke into her flat was Joe and he apologised, but she still felt uncomfortable there. In the morning of her wedding day she gets a letter from Tom, who tells her she and Joe are happy fishing in Scotland, and he has attached with the letter a present. It was a tiara that Callie had bought for her own wedding with Nathan, but she never got to wear. It is a nice touch, and Jenna walks up to join Sam at the altar with Callie’s beating heart and her dream symbolised by the tiara.

A great book. I was intrigued the whole time. I didn’t like Jenna at times, but I’m glad she persevered and managed to unravel the mystery.



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