The Gift 4



I think Jenna went too far to find out what happened to Callie. Her memories become more and more vivid, and she realizes that Callie was having an affair and wanted to leave Nathan, but she couldn’t because he kept a tight leash on her and had taken all the money from the account they shared together. In the memories Jenna has from Callie, she sees Callie and Nathan argue while in the car, so she thinks Nathan killed Callie as he was driving and then he left her there when the car crashed. So moved by outrage and anger, she thinks that Nathan deserves her comeuppance, so she decides to kill him. She goes to his house, and she spikes his drink. Nathan starts feeling bad, and Jenna reveals herself and tells him that if he doesn’t tell the truth, he will die as she has poisoned his drink, but if he tells the truth, she will supply the antidote.

Nathan starts talking, and some things Jenna believed were not accurate. The passports of Callie and Sophie she found when she searched the house as well as the pendant and chain that she thought had been stolen from her actually came from the hospital. Nathan claims that Tom and Amanda were too upset to check their daughter’s belongings, and he hasn’t touched those things since then. Jenna checks that there is a list with the things, and it is true.  We then learn that Jenna hasn’t given Nathan a deadly poison but another drug that would make him sleep for a bit, but after he falls into a slumber, Nathan says that he was trying to keep Callie from Sophie. So Jenna realizes that Sophie and her boyfriend Owen are the key to this mystery. We know that Owen is the man Sam’s mother used to date and father to Harry, Sam’s young brother. Now Jenna knows she has to find Sophie and protect her, which she thinks is the message Callie was sending her. So what does this mean? We know that Sophie started a relationship with Owen, and then what? Did Callie have an affair with Owen? Nathan claims that she was going to leave him for another man. Was that man Owen? Did Owen hit her, and that is why her face was bruised? Why did he hit her then? And how come she wanted to leave Nathan for someone like that? The story is close to its end, but there are still a few things we need to know.

Apart from this, I am also afraid for Jenna. She is feeling bad, and even though she tells herself that it is only a cold, she fears her body might be refusing her new heart. I hope that is not the case. Even though I don’t agree with the way Jenna has tackled this matter, I don’t want her to die, and she deserves some happiness. We know that her break-up with Sam is more complicated than what we already know. When she got sick, she was pregnant and her heart couldn’t keep the baby alive, so her pain comes from losing her only chance to have a child of her own. No wonder she has isolated herself. I hope she doesn’t die and I really hope she and Sam could come back together.

Another thing we learn in the story is that the mistakes that she made at work were a boycott, but not from the woman who had been replacing her, but from her own boss, Linda. The reason was that Linda had a thing with Jenna’s father; it was a one-off, which was the reason why he and his wife separated. Jenna learns that when her father refused to give Linda more than one night, the woman set out to create problems. She didn’t want Jenna in her veterinary clinic, so she made it look as if Jenna was making mistake after mistake, so she could fire her. The woman went as far as to plant some insulin capsules next to a dog that Jenna had treated previously, so Jenna questioned herself if she had made the mistake that killed the dog. That was really cruel. What a horrible woman!!! After all Jenna went through, she should have been more compassionate even if she had been hurt by Jenna’s dad.




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