My Favorite Books in 2015


Here is the list of the books I’ve loved in 2015.

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Books Read in November


In November I have also enjoyed good books by my favourite authors. I read Charity Norman’s book “The New Woman”. It doesn’t come close to the impact her other book “After the Fall” had on me, but I really enjoyed this thought-provoking story of a man feeling like a woman. Another wonderful book is “After the Roses”, another great instalment of the families in New Zealand, which started with lovely Amy. This new book focuses on Daisy, Amy and Lizzy’s granddaughter, and there is a great deal about the rest of the family. I can’t wait for the next book!  And I also enjoyed a new Kinsey Milhone’s mystery and another wonderful book by K.J. Rabane.

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Books Read In July


During the month that finished yesterday, I’ve read a nice assortment of books. I have discovered new authors. For example, Camilla Lackberg. I have heard and read good reviews about her books, but I hadn’t had the chance to read anything till now, and I have to say that the reviews are spot on. I really loved the book that begins her series of detective novels. Another new author is Fiona McIntosh whose books about the Second World War and its aftermath got me hooked from the word go. Apart from the new authors, I’ve enjoyed books by my favourite authors: Dorothy Koomson, Katherine Webb, Amanda Prowse. Wonderful reads all of them, in particular A Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse. And I have to make a special mention to the book “According to Olwen” by K.J. Rabane, a lovely book which took me by surprise. I think this is the book I have been fondest of this month.

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