Never Mess with Mistletoe 4 (Pages 101 – 165)



There seems to have been some foul play in Lucille’s ball. Apparently, she has taken out life insurance, and the condition for her son to get the money was the she had to die some kind of accidental death. Frances later tells Maura and Leigh that Lucille talked to the Floribundas one by one and asked them to help her die. So it might be possible that one of the women in her garden club finally gave in and helped Lucille die.

Alison is quite outraged because the notebook where she had all her notes from the day has disappeared. She hid him in a drawer in her grandmother’s secretary, and now it is gone. Leigh tries to downplay the matter, aware of how Allison takes these matters, but she tells Maura about it. The next day they enjoy a nice day as it is the twins’ birthday. On Monday when the children are off to school, Leigh notices a piece of rubbish on her drive, and when she picks it up, she realises that it is Allison’s notebook, which has been burnt and is still recognisable. Leigh gets nervous, afraid for her daughter. So she goes to school to check that Alison is okay, calls Maura and then stops by her parents’ where the Floribundas have gathered to taken down all the decorations. The women are nervous, and Leigh tries to let them know that Alison’s curiosity about what happened to Lucille is fickle, and now she is focused on something else, which is a lie.

Frances is acting weirdly and is upset. Leigh tries to talk to her, but Frances just tells her that she feels guilty, and even though Leigh tries to reassure her that she is not to blame, Frances cannot be persuaded. Then Leigh goes to talk to her aunt Lydie because she wants to know what is haunting her mother so much. All she knows is that something happened at her sweet sixteen birthday, which still troubles her today. So Lydie tells her that when they were sixteen, they threw a party for their friends. Back then Frances liked a boy called Gary. The day of the party Frances woke up with a mild cold, but it was not a problem. The party was great, and then it began to rain. That wasn’t a problem either. Yet, people started to feel sick. Gary and about four other people were sick, and the rest felt a bit funny. The doctor concluded that the culprit was the potato salad that Frances prepared, but her parents assured the physician that it had been made with fresh ingredients. But then when the doctor noticed that Frances had a cold, he said that she probably had sneezed and contaminated the potato salad with her germs. The man was not discreet and told Gary and his family, and the boy and everybody in the school started calling her Filthy Frances. Although many years have passed, it still haunts Frances, and all this talk about poisoning during the house viewing has brought all that back, and she feels guilty.

Lydie also tells her niece that she is also tired of Frances’s attitude towards Mason. He and Lydie are to get married on Christmas Eve, and Frances is polite but cold. Lydia says that it is not right. If she has managed to forgive Mason, so should Frances. I wonder how this will end up.


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