Never Mess with Mistletoe 2 (Pages 41 – 84)



Nothing much has happened so far. Leigh spends the whole day helping her mother and the ladies from the garden club to decorate the house for viewing. There are several women. There is Olympia, who is the president of the club and tends to lie a bit too much. Her husband is Melvin and is a proctologist. Lucille is an old, cantankerous woman who keeps criticising everyone and everything and talking about her death. Her assistant is Bridget, a mousy woman who doesn’t seem to do anything well according to Lucille. Virginia is a terrible gossip and her husband is just a foolish flirt.

What worries Leigh is that her mother gets too excited as she has been having problems with high blood pressure, and that seems to be happening to Olympia as well. The decorating finishes after much arguing between the women, and then the viewing goes reasonably well. And a police officer comes saying that someone reported the house for anthrax poisoning. Leigh reckons it is ridiculous, but her wife and the other women go in panic mode and they start getting rid of the food and everything that might contain some poison. Anna Marie, another of the members, claims her stomach hurts, and Lenna, Alison’s cousin, who is a hypochondriac, also says that she is feeling terrible.

I wonder if someone will die in this novel. Will the victim be one of the ladies?


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