A Perfect Husband 10 – The End (Chapters 43 – end)




I loved the ending. Freddy returns for Lily, and she is unsure about what she wants. Even though she admits to loving him, she doesn’t know whether to trust her. Yet, they start talking on the phone regularly. Then one day Lily finds her nephew, Ted, collapse on the sofa and burning. Kit is rude and refuses all help, but at some point he faints, so she calls the ambulance and Kit is rushed to hospital. At that moment Freddy calls, and when she tells him about Kit, he decides to be there for her. They are told that Kit has pneumonia and will need to be in hospital for a while. Freddy proves to be a great support and stays with her overnight, but when they go and check on Kit the following day, Helen and David arrive and catch them hugging. From that moment onwards Helen is stiff with her and the following days the situation is even worse.

In the end she decides to get back with Freddy, and when she tells her children, they get angry and Dillon in particular is hostile. Yet, they tell her that it is her life. Things are okay for a while but still Freddy won’t tell her the whole truth. He doesn’t tell her about his dad and about Shirley. Work is getting stressful, and one day Shirley arrives unannounced, and Freddy decides that the decent thing to do is to meet her. It is clear that she has hopes, but then an acquaintance of his bumps into them and he hints that he has taken a load of his money. Shirley realises that Freddy used her when they were in Malta and walks out. Freddy feels horrible and then he can’t help but give in to temptation and visit a casino.

Then his father dies, and when Lily keeps asking, he breaks down and tells her everything. Lily is outraged on his behalf, and even though Freddy feels humiliated and angry, he is surprised about her reaction. Lily can’t help herself and tell Seth Kramer because she thinks Freddy needs help, so Seth gives him the names of some therapists. She also tells Prem because she needs to share this pain for her husband with someone.  A few days later Lily comes to Freddy, telling him about the names of the therapists Seth has given him. Freddy gets so angry when he realises that she has told others about his father that he shakes and pushes her and hits her head. Freddy is at once apologetic. Lily is not angry, just sad, and she tells him that she knows he has been gambling. Freddy swears it was just a few times, but Lily says that she can’t stay with him if she can’t trust him. So she just leaves.

Lily goes back to Oxford. Seth helps her by letting her stay on his boat. Freddy is desolate, and he starts getting help. His father’s lawyer contacts him, telling him that he has inherited the apartment in Malta and over 100,000 pounds. Freddy knows he won’t be able to touch any of his money, so he decides to give all of it to Lily to compensate her somehow. That is what he tells her when he emails her for the first time in weeks. Now Lily has her own place in Oxford, and thanks to Seth, he has secured some more typing work.  Now she and her children are back on track, and she has even got some of her paintings in one gallery. It is sad that she had to forsake Freddy, but it is clear that she couldn’t stay in a relationship with a man who she didn’t trust, and she had more than one reason to distrust him.

It is also sad about Kit. After being released from hospital, he went to stay with her parents, and Kit swore to his mother that he would never touch heroin again, but three days later he left. Now weeks later nobody knows where Kit is, and his parents, even David, have accepted that they can’t do much for him any longer.

I loved the book and the way it dealt with addictions. Lily’s character was too gullible, but I liked how she learnt to stand up on her own two feet and get a life for herself.



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