A Perfect Husband 9 (Chapters 39 – 43)



Lily finally gets to see her children after months of absence. It is the twins’ birthday, so they travel down to Oxford to celebrate the day with their mother. The atmosphere is tense, all of them walking on eggshells around Lily, and at some point Lily can’t hold her tongue and gives them a lecture about her feelings and how their attitude is hurting her.

Just before the summer break, Lily has another incident with Kit, her nephew. She is working on her laptop in Helen’s garden when he turns up. Helen and David are having their yearly holiday in Austria, and Kit wants Lily to let him stay in the house as he claims he wants to get clean. His arguments are strong and he claims that living in the squat he will never get over his addiction. Lily can’t agree to his request even though she is close to believing him. The house belongs to her sister, and she can’t be held responsible for something going wrong. Kit doesn’t take her refusal great, but he has another request: money. So while Lily is inside the house, he takes her laptop and mobile and scarper away. Lily feels stupid and angry, especially as the confidential files from Seth’s tapes were there. He is the one she thinks needs to know, and he tells her that she needs to report her nephew, and when she tells David and Helen, her sister also thinks that she should go to the police. Yet, Lily can’t do that. I don’t know if Lily is doing well or not, but I have to agree with Seth. By giving Kit money and letting him do whatever he wants, she is enabling  her nephew.

As for Freddy, Max and his wife Julie have given him a push out of the hole he was immersed in. Max has a business with food trucks, and he needs Freddy’s contacts. I think Max is great when he pays off Freddy’s debts, gives him a job, and Julie even lets him stay in a flat of his. The only condition that Max sets out is that Freddy finds professional help and goes to therapy. Freddy agrees, and he has gone to a meeting, but the problem is that he is different to the people there. So I think that if he doesn’t admit the problem he has, he will never get over it and the addiction will keep lurking, ready to reappear.

Now that he has some hope to get back on track, he wants to find Lily. First, he goes to see Prem, but she refuses to tell him anything and gives him a good rebuke. Then he goes to find her husband, Anthony, and he tells him where Lily. So he goes to Oxford and stands outside Helen’s house. When Lily appears, he doesn’t call her but follows her, and he is hit by jealousy when he sees her get onto Seth’s narrowboat, especially as Prem has told him that Lily has moved on. There is nothing between Lily and Seth, but we know that they had dinner once, and after drinking a bit too much, Lily tries to seduce him. Seth stops her because he thinks that Lily is tipsy, and sleeping with her would be to take advantage of him. I like Seth, and he is a great guy. To be honest, I don’t know if I want Lily to go back to Freddy or try things with Seth. I am not keen on Freddy, and I like Seth, but we know little about him. I think I would prefer if Lily tried to sort out her life herself and prove to her sister that she doesn’t need anyone.

In any case, Freddy finally calls Lily, and she can’t believe he is there. Naturally, she doesn’t jump in joy as she is still angry. Freddy has let her down big time, and now he wants her back, but Lily is not sure. He makes her confess that she still loves him, but Lily can’t give him anything else. I imagine that Lily must be conflicted. First, she feels she doesn’t really know the man she married, and she suffered a great deal after Freddy went missing. Then, she has to consider the feelings of the people who supported her, that is, her friend and her sister. I know that you can’t live your life thinking about others, and I don’t mean Lily should do that, but I can understand that she can’t just ignore her family.


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