Blitz Kid 2 (Pages 47 – 123)



Rachel’s mother has to stay in hospital after having surgery for her cancer. When Rachel and Mrs Hoffman visit her, the girl notices that a nurse treats them with scorn. Rachel wants to contact her father because he needs to be with his wife, and when the nurse overhears her, she laughs and says that would be difficult for a traitor in the internment camp. Then her mother has to confess that her father was arrested and sent to the Isle of Man because the authorities thought he was a Fascist. Rachel can’t believe that because her father has always been against the Nazis, who he called Barbarians. Yet, she thinks that there is something her mother is not telling her.

Her friendship with Paul has deepened, and they even are attracted to each other. When they meet, Paul takes her to a house that has been boarded up and left by its owners. Inspector Blake has warned her against Paul when he found her torch in the house. Yet, Rachel can’t stop seeing him.

One night the underground stop where she and Mrs Hoffman get shelter is bombed, and both Rachel and Mrs Hoffman are wounded. Rachel is hurt in the head, but after being patched up, she is discharged, and she learns that Mrs Hoffman is in another hospital. When a nurse recognises her, she knows that she is all alone and says that she will have to stay in the children’s ward, but Rachel escapes and goes to find Paul, who takes her to the house. While they are there, they hear a noise. Paul says that it is O’Leary, a man that the police are trying to find.

I have realised that this book’s intended audience is teenagers, so I have to say that I don’t find it terribly interesting. It’s not a bad plot, but it’s not my kind of book.


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