Written On Glass 4 (Chapters 11 – 15)



Our characters go from one tragedy to the next. After Will’s death, Julia refuses to talk to Jack, and two months later when they finally talk, Julia tells him that she can’t see him any longer because it wouldn’t be right. Besides, she is pregnant. Jack reflects that his greed for Sixfields has destroyed not only his brother but his relationship with Julia, so he decides to leave England and travels to Canada where he finds work on a farm.

Julia focuses all her attention on her son, William. The boy is a bundle of energy and quite naughty, so it is a relief to escape from him the days when she works at Temperley’s, the radio factory belonging to her family and which she ran during the war. Yet, she loves her son with all her heart. Then something creepy and terrible happens. Julia goes to her cousin Maurice’s birthday party, and there she is approached by an attractive man. I had strong suspicions about him, and when he helps her with her car which won’t start and he tells her his name, I realised I had been right. The man is horrible Rick Hunter, the one who had blackmailed, bullied and threatened Will. Then the man seeks her out and some kind of friendship develops between them. Julia feels that there is something dark, which frightens her, but circumstances play against her. They even kiss one night and she likes his urgency and feeling wanted, but then she knows that she doesn’t know him, and she feels she has to stop the friendship. I hope she does, but I am afraid for her because this is not a man to take a no for an answer.

Marius is having a hard time now. Things have been better with Suzanne, and when she announces she is pregnant, he can’t be happier and thinks that the baby will mean that Suzanne will not leave him. When Suzanne is seven months pregnant, they go to London as Temperley’s office in London has suffered some harm when an employee dropped a burning cigarette end, setting fire to part of the place. While they are in their flat in London, Suzanne tells him that she needs to return to Dorset as the girl who was replacing her in the nursery school which she has been running for a few years is wanted at home because her child is sick with chickenpox. Marius protests and they agree that he will drive her the next day. However, he is delayed and when he returns to the flat, Suzanne is gone and has left him a note, telling him that she has decided to go.

Suzanne’s insistence on driving to Devon on her own has nothing to do with the nursery school. The reason is that before having the baby she wants to stop at Salisbury where she last saw the father of Tara. What Suzanne needs is closure, and when she leaves Salisbury, she feels she has left behind a part of her life. I knew that when she started driving, something terrible was going to happen. I wasn’t wrong. Tired, Suzanne has an accident at the crossroads and dies.

Topaz has had her share of problems, but she has also made progress. After her stint as an assistant stage manager, she starts working at a restaurant. When she is twenty-one, she gets her inheritance. So she decides to invest in a course in cooking, so she goes to France to learn from her boss’s mother. Back in London, she continues working at the restaurant but she also cooks for private dinner parties. Her relationship with Charlie is not doing well. Now that he has managed to achieve his success in the theatre, he has changed, and he has forgotten about his old friends, and now he hangs out with actors, producers and wealthy people. Topaz goes with him, but she often feels out of her depth. She becomes jealous of an actress he works with, Jennifer, and one weekend she sees them kiss. Yet, she doesn’t say anything, but when Charlie fails to keep their dates and even stands her up a couple of time, she learns that he has been several weekends at Jennifer’s without her. She knows that is the end, and when she sees him again, he is excited. He has got a part for a film, which will be filmed in America, and even though Topaz feels pleased for him, she is unable to convey her enthusiasm and she finally comes up with what they have been delaying: the end.

After Suzanne’s death, Topaz, who is a very generous woman, stays with Marius, Tara and Adele, cooks for them and does everything to make things easier. She even quits her job at the restaurant to stay with her friends. Marius is not an easy person to deal with and hardly talks, drinks too much, and has become a recluse. Topaz tries to be patient but when Marius is not too kind to Tara, she can’t hold her tongue. So she reminds him that Tara needs him, and when he unkindly tells her that she has no idea of what she is saying as she is not a mother, Topaz retorts that she is not a mother, but she is a daughter. Her father also died when she was six like Tara, and since then her mother has only made her feel she is a nuisance, so she doesn’t want that to happen to Tara. Topaz’s heartfelt speech was really moving and brought tears to my eyes.

After what Topaz says, Marius changes, and the steps he needs to take, Topaz is next to him. I think this is a nice relationship. Actually, Marius has always had a soft spot for Topaz and whenever there was something important for him to sort out, she was the one who he turned to. It would be nice if the two of them fell in love. Both of them need someone who really loves them. Suzanne didn’t really love him, and Topaz knows that Charlie didn’t love her either.

Now Jack is back, and Julia is taken aback. He turns up when Rick is in the cottage, and it seems that the two men don’t like each other, and Jack tells her that Rick is in love with him. Yet, Julia disregards his words, saying he is only a friend. I think these two should stop wasting their time and being honest. I am afraid for Julia because of Rick, and I hope this man doesn’t do anything to her.


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