The Drowning – Characters




I will write a profile of the characters in the series for further reference.

Patrik Hedström is one of the main characters. He is a police officer and works in the police station in Tanumshede. Patrik and Erica start their relationship in the first book of the series as he runs into Erica at the police station. I am not sure about this, but I think they knew each other from school or something. Patrik is  a terrific detective. Patrik and Erica have a little girl, Maja, who is sweet but at the same time has a terrible character

Erica Falck is the second main character. In the first book she returns to the house where she grew up after her parents died in a car crash. Erica is a writer and as the books progress, she becomes more and more successful. Erica falls in love with Patrik; then they move in together, and she falls pregnant just months after they meet. They have a baby daughter Maja, and some months later they get married. In this book she is pregnant again, and this time she is expecting twins. Erica has a sister, who she has a very special relationship with, as she feels she has been a mother to Anna since their mother never cared about them. Now the two sisters have a brother Goran as their mother gave up in adoption.

Maja is Patrik and Erica’s cute daughter. She is really sweet but can throw tantrums when she is contradicted. So she is hard work as well.

Anna is Erica’s sister. She has gone through a lot as her husband beat her up and was a bully.  Anna eventually killed Lucas, her husband, in self-defence. Anna has two children, Emma and Adrian. They now live with Dan, who Anna is having a relationship with. Anna has had some problems with Dan’s eldest daughter seems but now things seem better. Anna is also pregnant and expecting her son and daughter.

Dan is Erica’s best friend. Erica and Dan were an item when they were very young, but they broke up and remained friends. Dan married and had three daughters, but he divorced his wife when she discovered that he had cheated on her. He and Anna are in a relationship and are living together. He is very happy that he and Anna are having a child together.

Karin is Patrik’s ex-wife. They divorced because he caught her with her lover. Now Karin has moved to Fjallbacka with her husband, Leif, who was the man Patrik caught her with, and their son. In the previous book she and her husband decided to separate as they spent too long apart and she even made a pass at Patrik. There hasn’t been any reference to her in this book, but she might turn up in other books.

Kristina is Patrik’s mother. Erica finds Kristina overbearing as she is always criticising everything she does, especially in her way to look after Maja. Kristina also used to be Erica’s mother’s best friend in the last years of her life.

Annika Jansson is the receptionist at the police station where Patrik works. Annika is a lovely woman. She is married but has no children, as all her pregnancies ended up in miscarriages, which is something that still hurts her. In this book she and her husband are making arrangements to adopt a little girl.

Martin Molin is Patrik’s trustworthy colleague at the station. Patrik is a nice man, red-haired, and he is in a relationship with Pia, who he met in the case of ‘The Preacher’. Pia works in the tourism office. Now Martin and Pia have also become parents.

Bertil Mellberg is Patrik’s boss, but he is rather clumsy and authoritative. Mellberg is quite pathetic a figure. He had a bad experience when he had a relationship with a woman he met online; when he asked her to live with him, the woman turned out to be an embarrassment and a thief. Then he also discovered he had a teenage son, Simon, who lived with him temporarily, and now they have a distant but regular relationship. He then fell in love with a woman he met at a dance, but Rosemary turned out to be a con-woman, who cleaned his bank account. Now he is in a relationship with Rita, Paula’s mother, and he is happy to be a grandfather to Paula and Joanna’s little son.-

Paula Morales is the new police officer at the station. Paula is originally from Chile, but she and her family had to flee from there because the situation became terrible for them during the Pinochet regime, or that is what I understood. Paula is in a relationship with Johanna and they have a son.

Gösta Flygare is a mature police officer. He can sometimes be lazy, but when he is willing to work, he is brilliant. Gösta likes playing golf and can’t wait for his retirement when he will have all the time in the world to play gold. Gösta is a widower and has no children as the only child he died when the baby was only a few days old.

Ernst is Mellberg’s dog. Paula found him wandering near the station, and she made Mellberg look after it. The man protested, but in the end he grew to love the dog.

Turd Petersen is the head of the forensic team that Patrik works with.

Rita is Paula’s mother and the new love interest in Mellberg’s life. Rita teaches salsa classes and Mellberg started learn the dance from her. Now he and Rita live together.

Johanna is Paula’s partner.

Pernilla is Dan’s ex-wife.

Belinda is Dan’s teenage daughter. She has problems accepting Anna as her father’s new love interest, but now things are better.

Göran Friden is Anna and Erica’s new brother, the child that their mother gave up in adoption.

Marta Friden is Göran’s mother.

In this book the characters that are part of the plot are:

Christian Thydell is the main character in this case. Erica knows him because he works in the library, and in the previous book Christian helped her research the history of her mother. In this book Christian has written a book “The Mermaid”, which is becoming a success. Christian’s history is quite tragic. Her mother, who was schizophrenic, died when he was three. The boy stayed with his mother’s body, thinking that she was asleep, and he almost died of starvation. Then the Lissanders adopted him, and he was happy because he loved his new mother. Yet, when Irene Lissander became pregnant, he wanted to get rid of him, but her husband talked her around. When Alice was born, Christian hated her with passion, and when his father left him with her alone in the bathroom, he almost drowned her, but the man saved her, but that left her mentally disabled. The family moved to Fjallbacka. Irene didn’t care about Christina any more, and as a way to draw attention, Christian ate and ate and became obese. In Fjallbacka Erik and the others bullied him, and then one night they invited to join him. Alice followed him, and the three boys raped her while Christian did nothing. His parents kicked him out because they thought that Christian was responsible for Alice’s condition after the rape. Christian then went to Goteborg, and around this time he must have developed a split personality. She had a relationship with Maria, who had a toddler. He was happy, but his other personality killed Maria and the boy. Then he married Sanna, who he didn’t love, so it was safe. They have two sons. Then his mental condition resurfaced, and he killed Magnus, scared Lisbet to death, almost killed Kenneth and targeted Erik. In the end when he realised that his children weren’t safe with him, he committed suicide.

Alice Lissander is Christian’s sister. He almost killed her when she was a baby, and since he stopped breathing for several minutes and her brain was without oxygen, she had a mental disability. The poor girl loved Christian, and he simply tolerated her. The poor girl was raped by Erik and the others, and Christian never did anything to defend her. At present time she is in a nursing home, and even though she won’t talk, she keeps sending Christian pictures.

Ragnar Lissander is Christian’s adopted father, who kept the secret that Christian had tried to kill Alice

Irene Lissander is Christian’s adopted mother. She is beautiful but too cold and unloving.

Maria Sjöström is the woman that Christian loved but killed.

Emil Sjöström was Maria’s baby boy, who Christian also killed.

Sanna Thydell is Christian’s wife. She is ten years younger than her husband. She is not happy because she knows that Christian has never loved her.

Nils and Melker are Christian and Sanna’s sons.

Magnus Kjellner is the first victim. He disappears, and his body was found three months later stuck in a frozen lake. We later learn that Christian killed him for his part in the part of Alice’s rape. The man read Christian’s book, and he understood who Christian really was. So he went to talk to him and died as a consequence. We get the impression that he was a good man, and the only one to ever mention and talk regretfully about what he and his friends did to Alice. We have to say that he was the least active participant in the rape as he was passed out drunk, and Erik kind of forced him on Alice.

Cia Kjellner is Magnus’s wife. They have two teenage children.

Elin Kjellner is Magnus and Cia’s fifteen-year-old daughter

Ludwig Kjellner is Magnus and Cia’s son

Erik Lind is one of the men who are targeted by  the killer. Erik is not a very likeable man. He is married to Louise, but their marriage is a sham as he is womaniser and cheats on Louise with dozens of women. Recently he had an affair with Cecilia, Louise’s hairdresser. The affair ended when the woman announced she was pregnant. When he was a child/youngster, he was a bully. He raped poor Alice and encouraged his friends to do so. At the end of the book he is arrested, she loses control of the car and we have to assume that she was killed. The car was Erik’s so I imagine that maybe before dying, Christian tampered with it, but now the wrong person has been killed.

Kenneth Bengtsoon is the third friend. Kenneth is not a bad man, but he has always been at Erik’s beck and call. So he has always done what Erik has told him to do, and now the situation hasn’t changed as Erik is his boss. Kenneth ends up with terrible injuries when on his morning run he trips on a cord set across the path and falls on a layer of glass. He also raped Alice, and he regrets what he and the others did, so he thinks he deserves what is happening to him.

Lisbeth Bengtson is Kenneth’s wife. She has been fighting cancer for years, and now she is waiting to die. In the book she dies of shock when Christian, dressed as a woman, tells her about Kenneth and waht he did to Alice.

Louise Lind is Erik’s wife. She tried to cope with the sham their marriage is by drinking. She has never dared to leaves Erik, and at the end of the book she seems determined to start a new. Yet, when she was driving, the car.

Cecilia Jansdotter is Erik’s lover, who she gets pregnant and the woman cleverly gets a good financial deal out of the affair.

Gaby von Rosen is Erica’s literary agent, and in this book thanks to Erica’s intervention she also agrees to take on Christian as her client.





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