The Drowning 8 (Pages 284 – 400)



I can’t understand why Christian and Kenneth won’t talk. What did they do? What was so terrible that they can’t even talk about it? We now know that the little boy is Christian and when he was in Fijallbacka as a boy, Erik, Kenneth and Magnus bullied him because of his weight and his sister, who they called retarded. So did they hurt Alice? In what way?

Erica, who is unable to ignore her innate curiosity, decides to find out more about Christian and his past. Since she knows that he lived in Goteborg, she decides to go there and the place where he lived. A neighbour is unable to tell her anything, but he gives her some letters which Christian received after he was gone. Erica opens the letters and inside the envelopes she finds pictures apparently made by a child which portray two stick figures, one labelled Christian and the other one, a smaller one, me. Erica wonders who sent the pictures. We know that they come from Alice, so is she the one who is threatening these four men?

The next scene shows Christian in despair, and then he finally decides that the chase is over. So he walks to the diving tower, and he notices the woman behind him as he ties a rope and we know that he hangs himself. He is found the next day by a man and the police are called.

When Christian is found, Erica is gone to find Sanna, his wife. The day before while Patrik was resting, she read all the documents of the case and heard a recording of Paula’s interview to Sanna. In the recording she heard something that raised her curiosity, so the next day she drives to where Sanna is staying with her sister. Erica tells her what she heard, and Sanna finally tells her what Christian told her about the blue dress and some kind of tragedy. When Patrik and Gosta drive to the place to notify Sanna of her husband’s death, he is surprised to find Erica there. Back at home Erica confesses everything that she has done, and it is obvious that Patrik is annoyed, and to Erica’s dismay he leaves the house without giving her a kiss.

At the station Annika tells Patrik that he has found out that Christian was orphaned as a small child, and a couple took him in until he was eighteen. The couple are Ragnar and Irene Lissander, so he and Paula go to see them. Irene is not very forthcoming or warm, and she doesn’t tell them anything. Patrik has the impression that the man wants to tell him something, but he eventually says nothing. Back at the station Annika finds that Christian had a sister, Alice Lissander.

I am at loss. Who is behind all these happenings? It can’t be Alice because the letters didn’t show that the person writing them had any disability, and from the pictures Erica got from the neighbour in Goteborg, it is clear that Alice must be like a child. So then who? I don’t think it is Irene, the mother. So if neither of them is the person behind these crimes, then who? And who did these four friends hurt in the past? Is Alice alive?


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