The Drowning 7 (Pages 246 – 284)



There are two new attacks. First, Kenneth goes jogging like every morning. Staying in the house without Lisbet is unbearable, so he decides to go for his morning jogging. Then she trips and falls on a layer of broken glass. The police find out that he has been the victim of a trap, and there was a cord set with the purpose of making him fall on all these shards of glass. As Kenneth lies in his hospital bed, he realises who the person sending the letters and speeding Lisbet’s death is, and he loathes himself because he realises that Lisbet died learning about a part of his life he had intended to forget.

The second attack takes place in Christian’s home. It is early in the morning when Sana goes to her sons’ bedroom when one of the boys calls her with some urgency. The boys are sobbing and covered in red, and Sana first thinks that it is blood. Then when Patrik and the others arrive, it is obvious that the red stains in the children’s pyjamas is red paint. Their stalker sneaked into the house at some point in the night and wrote a message on the wall of the children’s room, which read ‘You don’t deserve them’. When Patrik talks to Christian, the latter still insists that he doesn’t know who the person who threatens him is. Patrik tells him that he doesn’t believe him, but Christian won’t budge. I really can’t understand Christian. Why won’t he speak up? One of his friends is dead, another with cuts all over his body, and his children have been scared to death. What is he so afraid of? What terrible did he do in the past? Is he afraid of going to prison or what? I really can’t understand his attitude.

In the parts about the boy and Alice, we learn that the little girl adores her brother even though he doesn’t treat her well as he tries to prove her love for him by rubbing a knife on her feet or pinching her soft skin. Alice has some kind of learning disability, and mother and father focus on her all the time. Now the whole family have moved to Fjallbacka as the mother has inherited the house from her mother. So the little boy is in Fjallbacka. Maybe the friendship between Christian and the others didn’t start when he and Sana moved there after getting married. I have the hunch that Christian was the little boy, but we know that he was very fat as a child. So maybe nobody recognises him now because he has changed physically, but someone should remember his name, or perhaps he goes by some other name now? So what did these four friends do? Who wants revenge? Alice’s mother? I have the hunch that the four friends hurt Alice somehow, maybe they killed her, but I don’t understand why nobody knows about this, or so it seems.


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