The Drowning 6 (Pages 190 – 246)



The police now knows that Kenneth and Erik have also received letters. That happens when Louise, Erik’s wife, goes to the office because she has found the letters. She confronts his husband about it before Kenneth, and when Erik notices Kenneth’s face, he knows that he is not the one who receives the letters. They agree to take the letters to the police.

Kenneth goes home to pick up the letters. What he doesn’t know is that the woman who sends the letter has been in his home, talks to his wife and tells her something about Kenneth that Lisbet didn’t know, which kills her. The woman was in her death throes, having been fighting her cancer for some time. When Kenneth finds poor Lisbet dead in bed, he also finds a paper in her hand, and in the same handwriting as in the letters, the note says that learning the truth about Kenneth has killed Lisbet. Kenneth calls the police because he thinks that Lisbet has been murdered. Patrik doesn’t see any signs of violence or anything that shows that Lisbet has died of something other than natural causes. Yet, whether Lisbet has been murdered or not will come out in the autopsy.

Christian is getting more and more strange. Erica tries to talk to him about his writing career, but he is adamant about his refusal to take part in any other interviews. In the last chapter Christian goes up a diving tower, and he seems to have some kind of hallucination. The woman who is part of his part is there dancing with a child. Then it is not clear what happens, whether he has jumped from the tower or what.

I think that these three men know who the person who is sending them the letters. It is clear that they have reasons to hide the past, but don’t they know they are in danger? We understand that Christian and the other three men first struck up some friendship when he came to Fjallbacka some years ago. So does this mean that whatever they  have in common in this strange case can’t have happened too long ago. So who is the woman who sends the letters? Is she the same woman who Christian was in love with in his past? And what did these four men do to make their mysterious letter-sender so vengeful?

In the cursive parts Alice, the baby, doesn’t die because her father gets back in time and saves the baby. To the boy’s shock, the man shouts at him and warns him that if he ever does something similar, he will be sent away. The father tells him that they won’t talk about it again. Then in another part the father and mother argue because he thinks that there is something wrong with Alice because the baby doesn’t walk. Yet, the mother is against going to the doctor. I still don’t know what connection there is between these characters and the present. Who is the little boy? Christian? And Alice? Is she a grown-up woman now and the one who sends the letters? And who are the parents?


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