The Drowning 5 (Pages 135 – 190)



Patrik and his team try to find out what happened to Magnus. All they find out is that the day he went missing, he called his colleague, who he took a ride with to go to work, to tell him that he was running late so the colleague could go without him. When Patrik talk to the colleague, and the man only tells him that this was the last time that Magnus was later and the tone of his voice made him think that Magnus didn’t sound like himself.

Erica thinks that Magnus’s death is linked to the letters that Christian is receiving. So she decides to ask about Christian and goes to see Kenneth. The man tells her that he, Erik and Magnus have been friends since they were children as they went to school together. Christian joined the group later. They weren’t particularly close friends and they just met in social events.

In the cursive parts the little boy doesn’t welcome the birth of his sister, Alice. The baby hogs all of their mother’s attention, and the fact that she cries all the time makes the boy hate her even more. Once when his father is bathing the baby, the boy is with him. Then the doorbell rings, and the man asks the boy to keep an eye on Alice. Then the boy lets go of her and we understand that Alice drowns. I am still racking my brains to find out who the little boy is. Magnus can’t be the boy since his parents are alive and well. Is it Christian? Whose is the dress that he keeps as his beloved treasure? We understand that it is a lover from his past. So it isn’t Alice’s mother? Or maybe Christian is the father and not the little boy? That doesn’t make sense either. Christian knows that a woman is hounding him, and he knows who she is. Is that linked to the story of the little boy? And what about Magnus and the other two? How do they come to be part of this case? Why was Magnus murdered?


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