The Drowning 4 (Pages 99 – 135)



A man and his dog find the body of Magnus. The poor man is buried under the layer of ice on the lake, and when the technicians run the first tests, Pedersen confirms that it is Magnus. The body shows several deep wounds, which means that the man was murdered.

Christian is acting more and more strange, and Erica realises that nobody knows anything from his past and childhood. Now I remember that Christian is the librarian who helped her in her investigation about her mother in the previous book. Christian clearly hides something. There is the woman who he loved and whose dress he keeps in a suitcase. Is he the boy from the cursive parts? In those parts, we see that the woman is not the boy’s birth mother, but his real mother died. When they went on holiday to Fjallbacka, things changed. The woman stopped caring for him and spent many days locked in the caravan. Then the boy overheard the woman and her husband talk, and he learnt that she was expecting a baby, and it seems that she was regretting taking in the boy. At the end of that part, this boy was full of hatred for the new child. Is this Christian? Did he hurt the new baby? And what about the other three, Magnus, Erik, and Kenneth? Were they friends in their childhood and plotted against the baby? Is it the woman in these parts the author of the anonymous letters?

We now know that Erik also receives these poisonous letters, and he doesn’t know who to tell. He is now having an affair with Cecilia, his wife’s hairdresser, but she is nothing special for him. Yet, the last time they meet, she announces she is pregnant. That information hardly registers in Erik’s mind as he is distracted by a text on his mobile. I think that he knows that Magnus has been found dead, and somehow this means something terrible for him.


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