The Drowning 3 (Pages 30 – 99)



The key in the disappearance of Magnus in the friendship between four men: Magnus himself, Christian, Erik and Kenneth. Christian and Kenneth are now receiving some threatening letters, but they are reluctant to tell someone. Christian tells Erica because his wife Sanna pushes him to. The author of these letters seems to be a woman, but Christian claims not to know who. Actually, he thinks that these letters come from a prankster. Erica, though, thinks that the matter is serious enough, so she steals a letter from him and shows Patrik. Then she makes the mistake of calling her and Christian’s literary agent to check whether they have received similar letters in the office. Then the next thing she knows the story is in the local newspapers.

Erik reads about it, and he gets very nervous. I wonder what these four men have in common and who is threatening them. In his moments of solitude Christian often recalls his love for a woman who we understand he had to leave, and then he decided to marry Sanna because she was too different and there was no way he could fall in love with her. I think that is unfair for Sanna as Christian has denied her the opportunity to have someone who loves her for real.

There are parts in the book in cursive about a little boy and his adoration of his mother, or at least, the woman who he refers to as his mother. I have the impression that the woman is not his birth mother as he keeps saying that he has been lucky to be allowed to have her as his mother. At the beginning this little boy is happy as his mother shows him tenderness and love, but then she starts treating him with coldness and disdain, and he wonders why she doesn’t love him any longer. I know this is linked to the mysterious disappearance of Magnus and the poisonous letters that Christian and Kenneth receive, but I don’t know who the little boy is or his mother. Is the boy one of the four men?


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