The Drowning 2 (Pages 9 – 30)



Patrik is distressed because he can’t do much to find Magnus, the man who disappeared. He is certain that the man is dead, but unless they find his body, the police won’t be able to make much progress. On the home front Patrik also finds things difficult. Maja is on a stage when she throws tantrums at the drop of a hat, and he is exhausted all the time and he can’t think how he and Erica will cope when the twins are born.

Christian, the man who Erica helped to have his first novel published, has his presentation in a hotel, which Erica attends. Christian is very nervous and can’t stop thinking about some letters he is receiving. I imagine that they are threatening letters. That night in the hotel he receives a bunch of flowers, and when he opens the note with it, he suddenly faints.

In that presentation there are many prestigious local people, two of whom are Erik and Louise Lind. The married couple are unhappy as he is a womaniser and she drinks too much. Erik has a business and his partner is Kenneth Bentsoon, and from what I have read so far, Kenneth is too valuable for Erik in the company. Even though they have been friends for many years, Kenneth knew that they are still on friendly terms because of what Kenneth does for Erik in the company. Erik occasionally complains about Louise to Kenneth, and he claims that they don’t separate because of the children, but Kenneth knows that the real reason is that a divorce would mean Louise getting half of what he owns.


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