New Book – The Drowning by Camilla Lackberg (Pages 1 – 9)


First published: 2008

This new book in the series starts with a man scared about what he is about to say.

He knocks at a door, and instead of the person he expects to find, there is an attractive woman. The man goes inside, and then she feels pain and notices a knife and blood coming from him. Then we understand that he is on a ship as the last thing he is aware of is the water that surrounds him until he takes his last breath.

In the police station Patrik and Paula talk about Cia Kjellner, a woman that calls at the station every day to ask about any progress in the investigation about her husband’s disappearance. Her husband, Magnus, left home to go work, and that was the last anybody saw of him. No clues or traces have been found, but Patrik thinks that the man is dead. So is Magnus the man from the first pages?

As for Erica, we know that in the last book she and her sister Anna realised that they were pregnant. Erica is expecting twins and is huge. Anna and the other tease her because of her size, and she is not very happy with how tiring to move her body is. Now she is at Anna’s to see if her sister can lend her some clothes to wear to the presentation of the book someone called Christian has written.

I have just read a few pages, so I can’t say much about the book, but I am sure this mystery is going to be as fascinating as the previous ones.


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