The Hiding Places 2 (Chapter 2)



Now we know more about Pudding’s family. Her mother changed when her brother left for the war when he was sixteen. She and her father called her mother’s strange behaviour mishaps, because they are loath to admit that there is something wrong with her. And Donny, her brother, returned from war a broken man. He was hit in the head and his skull shows the physical evidence of a bullet impact. He is prone to strong reactions from time to time, and he is like a big child and needs to be treated as one. His return was difficult for both his family and himself, as the woman who has been his sweetheart since they were barely children, left him and married someone else.

As for Irene, we don’t know all the facts. So far we can say that she was in love with Fin, but then a woman, Serena, appeared and he married her. I don’t know if it was out of spite or because she felt lonely, Irene ended up marrying Alistair, but she doesn’t love him, and living in the village is not what she thought it would be. It is becoming hard for her, but it doesn’t help that she doesn’t try harder to settle down there. I feel sorry for Alistair because he seems a very good man, but Irene is duplicitous as she still thinks of Alistair and is trying to write up a letter for him.


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