All My Sisters 8 (Pages 389 – 430)



I am shocked!!! I knew that Marianne had made a mistake by marrying Lucas, but I didn’t know how serious the mistake was. She learns what kind of man her husband is when one of the women who she has befriended her tells her that Lucas’s mother didn’t die but ran off with another man. Lucas confronts Marianne about that conversation, and the way he talks about his way is shocking and paralyses Marianne. Then some time later after having a really bad day when some of the new had been on fire, he hits a servant who is just a child. When Marianne demonstrates with him, he is horrible to her, mocks her love for Arthur and cruelly tells her that he only wanted her money and in London he had to drink to be able to tell her the string of nonsense to woo her. Marianne realises that she has made a terrible mistake, and she decides to pack her things and leave. Yet, that night she goes into labour and has her baby. The moment she lays eyes on her son, she falls in love. So even though she might have to live with this horrible man she has stupidly married, she has the comfort of having her son.

Another shocking thing is Thelma Voss. I liked her, but now my opinion has changed drastically. Ash confesses to her that he likes Iris, and he made a mistake years ago when he let her go. Thelma tells him that he shouldn’t tell Iris about how he feels because he might lose her as a friend again, and he should wait for the time when he is certain how she feels. Then Thelma talks to Iris and tells her that she is just like everyone else, wanting something from Ash. She knows Ash just feels sorry for Iris and that is why he puts up with him. When Iris expresses her scepticism to her words, Thelma strikes home when she says that she knows that Ash already gave Iris the brush-off years ago. Iris is humiliated and mortified that Ash could share something so private and hurtful with Thelma. I think that Thelma is horrible, and although I know that she is jealous, I don’t think that a good person should do something so low.

After that, Iris is so angry that she is disrespectful with the nurse in charge of her ward, and the matron upbraids and tells her that she has probably run out her time at the hospital. I haven’t finished the chapter, but I think that Iris will probably leave the hospital, London and Ash. I feel so angry that Thelma could be such a nosy, meddling woman, and I would hate it if she succeeded in breaking Iris and Ash’s friendship.


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