All My Sisters 2 (Pages 48 – 79)



Arthur makes his intentions crystal clear when he meets Marianne at a picnic and he kisses her and caresses her in a way that she has always thought improper. Marianne is passionate in love now and can’t stop thinking about him, and the next time they meet, he talks about his intention to marry her. Marianne has been worried that Arthur is out of her league in terms of social class, but he puts her mind to rest, claiming that he is more like her dad who is a manufacturer.

Iris is still worried about her single status, especially when she hears that Marianne might marry before her. She considers her suitors, but the only one who she thinks wouldn’t be dull is Ash. The problem is that Ash and she are too different and expect different things from life. Ash wants to make a valuable contribution to life, and he is concerned about poverty and how many people are going through hard times. In contrast, Iris is not interested in much other than her own social circle.

Eva has got confirmation that her father is cheating on her mother when she waits for him outside the factory, and her father gets onto a carriage, and Eva sees him kiss Mrs Carver. This is so shocking to her that the next time we see her, she has cut her hair off short to her sister’s consternation and astonishment. Eva swears that she won’t reveal what she knows as it will kill her mother, but the poor girl, who is too young and innocent to be aware of these things in life, is unravelling as she seems unable to cope with the new distorted image of her father.


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