Thought I Knew You 3 – The End (Pages 177 – end)




Drew and Claire finally get together, and they spend most of their time together. When Drew mentions that he would like to marry her some day, Claire debates with herself what to do. She eventually decides to file for a divorce, and the procedure is more straightforward than she thought, and she becomes a divorced woman in just a month.

There is a development in Greg’s investigation. Detective Reynolds tells her that the police of Siracuse have found a car in a lake. The car belongs to someone called Melissa, and the bones found in the car prove that there were two people in the car: a man and a woman. Reynolds tells Claire that there is now way to find out if the bones belong to Greg, but Melissa went missing around the same time as Greg did, so it is logical to think that the man is Greg.

Since there is nothing to be done, Claire continues her life with her daughters and Drew. The only dent in his happiness is the house; Drew claims that he feels uncomfortable there and wants Claire to sell it, but she feels unable to do so as this is her home and her daughter’s home. Apart from that, everything is perfect.

Then comes the blow. Detective Reynolds turns up unexpectedly and tells her that Greg has been found alive. Then he explains that Greg was mugged in Toronto and his attacker pushed him and as a consequence, he was run over by a car. Greg has been in a coma for months, and eight months ago he woke up, but only a month ago did he remember his name and Claire. Naturally, Claire is shocked because this will turn her life upside down.

Claire goes to see Greg, and her doctor tells her that he is not the same man he used to be because of his brain injury. Greg has no memory of many things, especially the two years before his accident, so he doesn’t even remember Leah. Claire sees Greg, and he is not the same man, and she feels guilty and sad at the same time. Things are complicated, but she visits him every weekend, and Drew is very patient. As Greg recovers his memory, he remembers that woman whose name he wrote in his notebook, Karen, and he admits that she was his lover. Claire even finds out where she lives and goes to see her. The woman is only in her twenties, and Claire learns that Karen didn’t even know Greg’s real name, and naturally he never told her that he was married. In the end, he broke up with her, claiming that he had been transferred to China, and it was that night when he had the accident.

This time is not easy for Claire and Drew, and he even considers at some point leaving. Yet, in the end Claire tells Greg about Drew and the divorce. This is something she should have told her before then. So Claire makes it clear that she loves him as the father of her children, but now her life is with Drew. At the end of the book they have reached a compromise. Greg returns to New Jersey and stays in some kind of open nursing home, and when he gets better, he gets his own flat and even finds a job helping people with brain injuries. The girls have settled and even though there were some problems at first, they are now happy to see their father on a daily basis. Claire and Drew are still together, and they eventually sold the house and moved somewhere else.

I liked the book, but some romantic parts were a bit too sweet for me. Besides, Claire and Drew’s attitudes were too frustrating for me.


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