Thought I Knew You 2 (Pages 141 – 177)



Almost a year has gone by, and Claire is not close to learning the truth about her husband’s disappearance. Detective Reynolds tells her that the most logical conclusion is that he is dead, and she should consider having a memorial as a way to get some closure. So Claire decides to heed him, especially for her daughters’ sake. They need to have some kind of direction as far as their father is concerned.

I have to say that I love Hannah and little Leah. They are precious and my favourite characters in the novel. There is an episode when they are on holiday when Leah goes missing. Claire has put the two girls for their daily nap while she is in the yard with the swimming pool, reading a book. When she checks on them, Leah is gone and is nowhere to be found. Claire is frantic and calls the police, and Drew also comes. In the end, Drew finds Leah near the beach, and later Claire realises that when she checked the car, Leah was there, but thinking it was a game, she hid and then decided to go to the beach. I think this girl is really wonderful.

What I can’t get my head around is the relationship between Claire and Drew. They act worse than teenagers. I understand that they didn’t want to spoil their friendship by becoming more than friends, and then Claire met Greg and got married. But what about now? Their dog-in-the-manger attitude is frustrating, and I think it is the thing that I am not enjoying. I know that it is romantic, but I find them silly, to be honest.


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