Taken For Dead – Characters


List of characters in this book for further reference:

  • Katie Maguire is Deputy Superintendent in the Gardai in Cork. Her appointment as a DS caused much controversy because many people in the force were against a woman having that position. Katie is a widow as her husband Paul died, and her baby son also died. Katie has many sisters, and she is the only one who decided to follow her father’s steps and become a garda.
  • Katie’s father – I don’t know his name – was a garda, and now he is retired. The man is retired but in the last book he was supposed to marry Ayshly but she died, and now he is quite depressed about it.
  • Michael Gerrety is Katie’s long-standing enemy. The man uses women and makes money out of them by selling them as prostitutes. Yet, Gerrety is slippery and dangerous, and Katie has many problems to put the man behind bars.
  • Patrick O’Donovan is one of Katie’s men.
  • Detective Horgan is another garda
  • Detective Dooley is another agent
  • Acting Chief Superintendent Bryan Molloy is Katie’s boss, and he is come to replace her previous boss who is off sick after he was diagnosed as having prostrate cancer. From the start Katie and Molloy didn’t see eye to eye as he apparently didn’t think a woman should be superintendent. Yet, his reasons run deeper, and in the end he is involved with the gang. Yet, he escapes and at the end of the novel, nobody knows where he is.
  • Chief Superintendent Dermot O’Driscoll is Katie’s former boss who pushed for her promotion, but he is now off sick.
  • Bill Phinner belongs to the forensic and technical team.
  • Inspector Liam Fennessy is one of Katie’s men, and Katie trusted him completely. Yet, she finds out that Molloy got him involved in the gang, and he is also at large at the end of the book.
  • David o Catháin is Katie’s new neighbour. He is married and a vet. From the first, he flirts with Katie and eventually seduces Katie. Yet, she realises that she has made a mistake and refuses him, and the man becomes violent. When Katie discovers that he beats his wife, she helps the woman get out of his claws. As a consequence, the man tries to attack her, but she is more than capable than defend herself. As a revenge, the man lodges a complaint against her for assault, and Katie is suspended. In the end, the man does something good as when one of the gang is to shoot him, he stands before her and takes the bullet and dies. David won’t appear again, but at the end of the book, Katie is expecting his child.
  • Sorcha is David’s wife, and he initially claimed that she was bipolar. That was a lie, and the poor woman was just a victim of his sadism and cruelty.
  • John is the man who Katie has been in love with since the first book. Yet, in this book he has left her to go to America. Katie still loves him, and it is her loneliness and misery which push her to sleep with David. At the end of the book, John has returned and seems to be there for good, but we don’t know if the baby she is expecting will be a problem for them.
  • Garda Brenda McCracken was one of the detectives to be killed in the novel. She was following one of the gang when he made a bomb go off and the impact killed Brenda.
  • Detective Sergeant Kyna Ni Nuallán is another garda and one who Katie trusts with her life.
  • Michael Dempsey is the history teacher that tells Katy about the High Kings of Erin.
  • Detective Robert Dooley is the garda who rescues Roisin at the end of the book.
  • Jimmy O’Reilly is the assistant commissioner who is determined to kick Katie out of her position. Katie discovers that he was part of the band calling themselves the High Kings of Erin, which got paid from crooks if they dropped charges. Because of men like him, Katie’s father was forced to retire early. Katie knows all of this and hints at him that she knows, but there is nothing she can do against him.

In this novel:

  • Connor O’Malley is the groom at the wedding where the novel starts and the head of a man is found in the wedding cake.
  • Niamh is the bride
  • John O’Malley is Connor’s father who discovers what is hidden in the cake.
  • Micky Crouran is the first victim whose head is found in the wedding cake. Micky Crouran is a baker and his business was having financial problems.
  • Roisin Begley is a girl who goes missing in the novel. In the end, she is found working as a masseuse for Gerraty, and since Gerraty had sex with her, Katie is able to press charges against him.
  • Ruari and Aengus are the two twin siblings who are part of the band who commit all these crimes. They are killed in the explosion of their car when Katie crashed hers against theirs.
  • Lorcan is the third member of the gang, who is arrested and fesses up about everything, incriminating Molloy and Fennessy.
  • Gary Cannon is the ex-garda who calls Katie to tell her what he knows about Molloy and his involvement in the death of Niall Duggan.
  • Jilleen is the sister of the man who killed Niall Duggan
  • Niall Duggan was the head of one of the bands in Limerick. Niall was the father of the twins who committed the crimes in this novel.

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