Taken For Dead 5 – The End (Chapters 41 – end)




Wow! What a rollercoaster!!! When Katy starts investigating the company of the steamroller which buried Micky Crounan, she notices a link between the company and Bryan Molloy – when her agents were investigating Molloy, they saw that he had shares in some company.

Then Katie goes to see her father and tells her about the case and her suspension, he tells her that during his time in the garda, he came across the High Kings of Erin, which was formed by corrupt policemen who accepted bribes to drop charges against criminals for the right price. When Katie’s father discovered it, he was threatened and had to retire early. The man reluctantly tells Katie the names of the men involved in the band, and among them there was Bryan Molloy and Jimmy O’Reilly.

After that, Katie gets a call from an ex-garda, Gary Cannon, who has heard from Kyna that Katie has been suspended by Molloy. Gary wants her to meet him in Limerick. There apart from Gary, there is a woman Jilleen. Gary tells him that he was also suspended by Molloy when he discovered the way that he had stopped the bands the Duggans and the Quaids from their feud. Molloyd paid Donie Quaid to kill Niall Duggan, and Jilleen, who is Donie Quaid’s sister, tells her how her brother confessed the truth in a letter before dying. Jilleen gives Katie the letter and the gun which he used to kill Niall Duggan with. The link with Molloy doesn’t stop there as Jilleen says that she had told her nephew about what her father had done, and the boy might have told someone. So the truth might have reached Niall’s twin children, Aengus and Ruari, and their friend Lorcan.

Now Katie has evidence to go against Molloy, but she still needs to be careful. She drops by the office, and then Kyna tells her that she got a call from Pat Whelan, telling her that he and Eoghan escaped but they wouldn’t return until they knew that they were safe. What Kyna is surprised is that Liam Fennessy has not taken her seriously, saying that the phone was probably a hoax. Katie tries to talk to Liam about Molloy, but he doesn’t believe him.

From then on things escalate, and when she is at home, she hears her doorbell ring, and when she opens the door, Aengus, Ruari, and Lorcan are there, and Katie recognises them. They are up to no good, and when they try to get into her house, Katie opposes them. At that moment David turns up, and when he notices that the people are bothering her, he tries to help her. Then Aengus pulls out a gun and before he can shoot Katie, David jumps and gets the shots instead. Katie shoots and hits Aengus as David’s body falls on top of her. From her position she sees Ruari and Lorcan help Aengus to their car. So when she manages to stand up, she jumps into her car and chases them, crashing her vehicle against them and making the car tip. The smell of petrol makes Katie realise that the car is going to explode, and she manages to rescue Lorcan, but the two siblings die in the blast.

Once in the station she talks to Jimmy O’Reilly and explains what had happened to David and the twins. Since David is dead, his complaint doesn’t stand, so Jimmy reluctantly agrees to reinstate her. Then she and Patrick Donovan question Lorcan, and promising to talk to the judge for him, Katie persuades him to confess. So Lorcan tells her that it was Molloy that came with the idea of kidnapping these struggling businessmen as a way to get financial gain when the twins and Lorcan blackmailed him about Niall Duggan’s death. Molloy informed them about everything that was happening at the station. Then to Katie and Donovan’s shock he tells them that the person who was their direct contact was not Molloy but Liam Fennessy, and while Molloy got a twenty percent commission, Liam got a ten percent. Lorcan even says that Molloy came up with the idea of killing Micky in that bizarre way and pushed them to eliminate all the witnesses.

After Katie leaves the interrogation room, she is sick with shock. When she tries to find Molloy or Liam, they are both gone. So she talks to O’Reilly and tells him everything. The man is reluctant to believe her, and whatever they do, they need to be very discreet. AT the end of the book the two men are still at large, but Katie gets a letter from Liam, asking for forgiveness and explaining that when he split up with his wife, he was in a bad shape and even started taking drugs. So he went into debt, so he went to Molloy for some advice, and he suggested he help him in a scheme. What Liam would have never expected is for the two gardai to be killed, but it was too late for him. At the end of the letter, it seems that he is planning to commit suicide, but when Katie sends her men to go to his house, there is nobody there.

Apart from this, one of her men manage to find the girl who was missing, Roisin Begley. The sixteen-year-old had been missing for weeks, and Robert Dooley, the garda, found her in an advertisement for a meseuse. Robert finally rescues Roisin and brings her to Katie, and the girl tells her that Michael Gerraty had promised her money and excitement, and when she went to bed with him, she thought that the men she would have to ‘entertain’ would be as good in bed as Gerraty. Yet, she had to suffer humiliation after humiliation from horrible men until Robert rescued her. At the end of the book, Katie has pressed charges against Gerraty for corruption of minors.

Then the novel ends with a shock. Katie finds out that she is pregnant and is carrying David’s child, and at the same time she realises the truth, John, her dear John, returns to her. Oh my!!! Why didn’t John return earlier? I hope that Katie’s single mistake won’t prove fatal for their relationship. Will John be able to accept Katie’s child? Or will she abandon her again?


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