Taken For Dead 4 (Chapters 28 – 40)



Poor Katie!!! Things go from bad to worse as more people get killed. The first one is a young garda, Nessa. When she and Kyna Ni Nuallan go to question Eoghan about Meryl’s death and Derek’s kidnapping, they find two burly men, with carrier bags hiding their faces, carrying Eoghan towards their van. His parents and Eoghan protest, and Eoghan tries to break free to no avail. Then Nessa and Kyna try to stop them and identify themselves as the police, but the men are indifferent. Then Nessa takes hold of the van door, insisting the men stop what they are doing. Kyna tries to make her stop, but Nessa continues, and as a consequence, one of the men shot her in the face, and a few hours later she dies in hospital.

The other person who dies is Derek Hagerty. He still refuses to reveal any more, and Katie arranges for him to be driven home and also have twenty-hour watch for a few days before he goes to a safe house. As he is in the car, heading home, a van intercepts the car, and two men come out of it, one of whom shoots him through the car window, and Derek is pronounced dead on arrival.

So now Katie is made responsible for these two deaths and also for the two men who have been kidnapped, Pat and Eoghan. Her boss is not a good person and makes her feel as if she is not up to the job. I really dislike him. The problem, Katy reckons, is that the gang knows too much and she wonders how that can be possible. Only a bunch of officers knew when Derek would be picked up in the car and where he would be taken, so she now thinks that there is really a mole at the station. I wonder whether Molloy is the mole, and I wouldn’t put it past him. For some reason he has something against Katie.

When things seemed impossible to be more wrong, complications come from the personal front. Early one morning her doorbell chimes and Katie finds Sorcha Kane at her door, David’s wife. She is in a terrible state, and Katie realises that the woman has been beaten. As they talk and Katie sees the scope of her injuries, she realises that David is a lying wife beater, and Sorcha is not bipolar at all. Silly Katie has been duped by this horrible man, but thankfully, she reacted in time. Yet, I think that was even too late. In any case, Katie helps Sorcha and takes her to the institution that helps domestic abuse victims, and they are going to help her to get a barring order, which will keep her safe from her husband.

When David realises that his wife is gone, he comes knocking at Katie’s door, demanding an explanation. Katie is hard, but she makes the mistake of opening the door for him. Once inside the man tries to terrorise her, and at some point he jumps at her and Katie fears he will rape her. Yet, she is a police woman, so she kicks him and throws him out of his house. The next day Molloy and Assistant Commissioner Jimmy O’Reilly, her two superiors, summon her to tell her that a complaint has been lodged. Apparently, David claims that Katie seduced him and when he refused to have any more dalliances with her, she started harassing him, and just the night before he assaulted and harmed him. Molloy and O’Reilly won’t let her defend herself and seem to enjoy her predicament when they tell her that she is suspended while there is an investigation going on. Katie is livid but there is nothing she can do. What she knows is that there is something rotten at this station, and she swears to find out.

The officer who is put in charge is Liam Fennessy, and he gets a call from the police in some other town, informing him that the body of Micky Crouran has been found under the tar of some road. Liam tells her, and she swears she will be there although she is not allowed. So from a discreet position she sees the remains of the man being dug out. As she stands there, an old man comes on a bike, and not knowing that she is with the police, she tells him that he saw the men working there a few days ago, but he wouldn’t call the police because he has not got a good opinion of the garda, and besides, one of the men, Kenny Boyle, was the son of one of his mates. So now Katie has a name, and even though she knows that the right thing would be to pass on the name to her colleague, she won’t, and she decides to find out the truth on her own.

Apart from that, Pat and Eoghan meet when Pat manages to cut his ties and ventures into the corridor outside the room. Eoghan is there, and he realises he is not one of them. Pat tells him that he has heard three cars leaving, so that means that at least three people are gone, leaving two in the house. So Eoghan comes up with a plan to escape. Pat pretends to be sick and scream, so when one of his jailers come to see what is happening, Eoghan hits him with a stool. The blow is so hard that Eoghan thinks that the man has broken his neck. Eoghan takes his gun, and when the other guy runs to check what is happening, Eoghan shoots at him and hits him. Then the two men finally leave the house, but they know they won’t be able to return home so far, but they will call their families and the police to let them know that they are free so they won’t pay the ransom that the gang is demanding.

The book describes some very gory crimes, but it is really addictive. I am dying to know what Katie is going to do now even though she doesn’t have the authority as an inspector. I hope that Molloy and O’Reilly pay for what they are doing to her, and get their comeuppance. I am sure that they are going to regret to be so prejudiced against a woman as worthy as Katie is.


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