Taken For Dead 3 (Chapters 25 – 27)



Katie fails to make Derek Hagerty tell him about his kidnapping. He hints that he collaborated, but when he realises his slip, he denies everything. The problem is that he is too scared, and when Katie tells him what happened to the Pearses, he is more determined to keep mum. The only thing he tells Katie is that the man who was with Meryl Pearse when they picked him up was an old boyfriend called Eoghan. When the man refuses to say anything, Katie reads his rights and arrests him.

While this is happening, a new victim of the gang has fallen into their trap. Pat Whelan, the guy who owns the music shop, changes his mind about getting involved into the fake kidnapping. Yet, the band catch him and take him to an old house. Pat protests and demands they set him free, but now there is no way out. The leader of the band is someone with curly red hair, whose name I think is Malachi, and to Pat’s surprise a woman also turns up who looks just like Malachi. It is his twin sister called Ruari, and she is as ruthless as her brother. Another man is ruddy-faced and big, and his name is Lorcan. There is at least one more man, but we don’t know his name.

Pat’s protests are not heeded, and the poor man is stripped off his clothes and pushed to a table. Then they explain to him about the High Kings of Erin, and how the way they made sure that their enemies couldn’t be rivals to the throne was by snipping their nipples. So that is what they do to Pat, and his nipples will be sent to his wife with the ransom note. They believe that she will go to the police and will get them their money. These people are beyond horrible. How can anybody be this wicked and cruel? How can they intend to live a normal life with the money they are getting from their hapless victims?


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