Taken For Dead 2 (Chapters 12 – 24)



This band that Katie is after are beyond horrible. When Meryl and her former boyfriend Eoghan find Derek Hagerty, she decides to take the man home and give him some clothes to wear. Norman, her husband, is suspicious when through the bathroom door he sees that the scratches and injuries that the man previously showed him are not there and he is talking on the phone. So Norman decides to call the police before dropping the man where he tells him to. The police pick him up and take him to hospital. Katie questions the man, aware of what the informant told the police on the phone, but she doesn’t want to push him too much, and the man still won’t say much.

Katie and her team manage to identify the man who  called them about Derek Hagerty, but when one of the detectives talk to him, he denies knowing Derek Hagerty or being the man who called the police.

That day doesn’t end up very well for Katie. Her boss, Bryan Molloy, gives a press conference, informing about Derek Hagerty and the death of Garda Brenda McCracken, and he hints that Katie and her team botched the operation. Katie feels frustrated, angry, and very lonely. Then when she gets home, she makes a terrible mistake. David Kane comes, asking her to stay for a while as his wife is in a state. They talk and Katie tells him a bit about the case and how terrible her day has been. Then David goes, but then he returns and kisses her. Her first reaction is to push him away, but then feeling needy and lonely and finding David attractive, she lets him kiss and make love to her. It is when they are having sex that Katie feels that David is a liar. I think Katie has been a fool and she soon realises how stupid she has been.

It is the next day after another terrible day when David knocks at her door, intending to have another go at her. Yet, Katy has decided that she doesn’t want any more. David is insistent… so much so that Katy has to be straight with him and tells him that she doesn’t want a relationship with him. The man gets so angry that he hurls the bottle of champagne against the railings in her porch. Katy even has to threaten him to report and have him arrested for harrassment, so in the end he apologises and goes. I think that David is proving to be worse than Katy thinks he is. We only have his word that his wife is bipolar, and I wonder if there is something more to it than meets the eye.

The day before her disastrous run-in with David has been really terrible. The Pearses, Meryl and Norman, are taken from their home by the gang that call themselves the High Kings of Erin and kill them in the most horrible way. They take the couple to the beach, bury them to their chests and then they pour petrol over their heads and burn them alive. What horrible people!!! It is one of the gang who calls Katie and tells her where the couple are. Katie doesn’t know why this gang is doing this, but they are clever and know too much, and Katie wonders how they have all this information. When she drives to the crime scene and the technicians are working on the bodies, she sees the press arrive, and she wonders how they knew about this crime. On the news that night she realises that they know too much, so she thinks that maybe there is a mole in their midst that is passing on information. Katie even talks to her boss, Molloy, but the man is horrible and uncooperative. Maybe he is the mole!!! It wouldn’t surprise me.

There is going to be a new kidnapping soon, and now we know how the band acts. They come to businessman who are on the brink of bankrupt and propose a plan. They would pretend to kidnap him, and when his wife goes to the police, the state would have to pay the ransom money as it happened with Derek. This new man, Pat, owns a music store which is about to close down. Pat tells the man who talks to him what will happen if he refuses, so he is told about another shop owner whose shop was burned down to the ground. So Pat knows that he has no option. I imagine that the baker, Micky, was killed because his wife didn’t go to the police, which is the plan that the kidnappers had all along.

I really hope that Katie finds out who belongs to this gang and gets them into jail soon.


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