A Hundred Pieces of Me 7 – The End (Pages 392 – end)




The end was not much to my liking. I am indifferent to Nick and the fact that he is already married put me off. Yet, in the end Nick and Amanda split up as they have different things. Amanda wants another baby, but the fact that she is always travelling would mean that Nick wouldn’t see his child. So finally they break up, and when he tells Gina, he also tells her that he is in love with her, and they end up together.

The end doesn’t give us closure as Gina goes to have her yearly check-up, and then she is asked to return because they have detected something and they need to do further tests. We don’t know what the diagnosis is as the novel ends with Gina just thinking about how her life should be about now and not about what the future will bring.

There are some moments I enjoyed. Even though it was obvious, the fact that she keeps Buzz is tender and moving. I also like the conversation she and Naomi have when the latter becomes emotional and confesses how happy she is to have her alive and how afraid she was to lose her. This moment moved me. And the third moment I enjoyed is when Gina finally talks to her mother, and Janet eventually tells her why she has always been so afraid all her life. Gina’s dad was not perfect and tended to drink too much, and we understand that he was violent towards her. He was, though, proud of Gina, and he died because of his recklessness. That is the reason Janet always feared that Gina might have inherited his penchant for alcohol and her recklessness. It is beautiful what Janet tells Gina and how aware she is of her shortages as a mother. This really brought tears to my eyes.

I think the beautiful love moments in this book didn’t involve any men but the people who really loved Gina: her dog, her best friend and her mother. I think those examples of love were more interesting than the men in her life.

Stuart wasn’t very good to her even though they kind of make up in the end. They both admit that they make mistakes, and they simply drifted away because I think Gina didn’t really love him. With Kit we see that the love they had wasn’t so strong. I can’t understand why Gina could blame herself when she wasn’t even driving. And when she decided to meet Kit after she got her diagnosis, he was really cruel and insensitive. In the book they meet again and this time Kit apologises, but I think that Gina had a lucky escape because this man proved that he hadn’t really loved her. I can understand his depression after the accident, but blaming Gina was really evidence that he didn’t love her. And Nick, well… I already mentioned that I didn’t like the fact that he was married, because in the end Gina did exactly the same as Stuart. So I am not too enthusiastic about this new love of hers.

The novel was okay but I have to say that the author’s other books are much better than this one.


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