A Hundred Pieces of Me 6 (Pages 302 – 392)



I don’t like how Gina and Nick are getting too close. He is a married man, and she knows, but still she doesn’t raise any limits to keep him at arm’s length. She even invites him to the opening of the shed that Gina has converted for Naomi. It is like a date, and Naomi, who wants her friend to find someone, is supportive. This is a romantic book, and I want Gina to find someone, but not Nick. He is married and if she takes up with him, she would be doing the same as Stuart did to her. That doesn’t send a very good message, to be honest.

In the parts about the past, now we know that she and Kit had an accident, and as a consequence, she broke her collarbone, but Kit’s injuries were more serious, and the doctors thought that his spine has been injured and he might not be able to walk again. His mother blamed Gina and prevented her from seeing Kit. I have to say that the woman was unfair as nobody forced Kit to be in the car with Gina. And didn’t Kit say anything? Didn’t Gina see him again?


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