A Hundred Pieces of Me 5 (Pages 128 – 302)



I am more intrigued about Gina’s past than about her present, to be honest. The flashbacks show us her story with Kit, and there is mention of an accident which was the turning point in their story. The last part about her and Kit is when they were out celebrating the end of her exams when a teacher told her that her stepfather had had a heart attack. Then Kit told her that he would go with her in her mini. Apart from that, we read a letter from Terry, her grandfather, reminding her of the date of her car MOT. I imagined that while they were on their way to hospital, they had the accident she keeps bringing up in her conversations about Kit. So what happened? Was she driving? We know that she was drunk, so that might be the reason why she thinks that the accident was her fault. Or maybe the accident happened because there was something wrong with the car which could have been fixed if she had had the car serviced for the MOT? And what happened to Kit? We know that he is not dead because she wrote some letters to him, which his mother returned, and she even saw him once more. So what happened to him? Was he left with some disability?

There is also some mystery about Gina’s father. What she knows is that he was in the military and died during a secret operation. He and Gina’s mother were together for four years until his death. Janet, Gina’s mother, is reluctant to talk about him, and I wonder why. What is she hiding from her daughter?

Gina’s present is not so interesting from my point of view. She continues working to smooth things for the owners of the Magistrate’s House. Things are difficult because Amanda wants to have everything done quickly, and that seems to create tension between her and her husband Nick. Then Gina seems to enjoy Nick’s company, and there is some attraction there. To be honest, I find the parts about Nick, the house, and his job as a photographer a bit dull, and I really hope that Gina doesn’t take up with him.

As for Stuart, her lawyer tells Gina that he has dropped his demands as apparently he wants to have the divorce without any further problems. What this solicitor thinks is that there is a reason for this kind of change. So when Stuart comes to pick up the things he wanted and Gina sees him for the first time since the divorce, she finally learns why he is in a hurry to sort out the divorce. His girlfriend is pregnant. Even though Gina tried her best to be civil, she can’t hold her tongue when she realises how along the woman is, which means that Stuart was cheating on her for longer than she thought. Stuart retorts angrily that they didn’t have a child because she didn’t want, and he mentions something about a fertility clinic where Gina could have had her embryos frozen during her disease, but apparently, she didn’t want to. I have to say that I don’t like Stuart at all. He might have been supportive while Gina was sick, but other than that, he has proved to be nothing but a selfish, ruthless man.

The only part about Gina’s present that I am enjoying concerns a dog that she finds herself looking after. This happens when she tries to sell a bicycle that Stuart had given her years ago but she had used little. A man was interested and came to see the bike with his dog. He insisted on trying the bike, and he leaves her the dog and one hundred pounds. When a couple of hours have passed, it is clear that he is not coming back, and Gina feels a fool as the crook has got a very good bike for  a hundred quid and a squalid greyhound. Gina is not a dog person, so after that night she takes the dog to a shelter, whose owner Rachel was the main character in another book by Lucy Dillon. Rachel tells her that they will find a home for the dog, but Gina has to look after the dog for a few days. In those days she becomes attached to the dog, and I think that in the end she won’t let him go. I think this story is more interesting than the one with Nick.


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