A Hundred Pieces of Me 4 (Pages 94 – 128)



Gina gets her contract from Amanda Rowntree to renovate her house. It is not going to be an easy job, especially as Gina notices that there is some strain between Amanda and her husband Nick.

There is also strain for Gina coming from Stuart, the man who used to love her. Her lawyer tells her that Stuart demands a series of items as well as more money from the sale of the house as he contributed more when she was off sick. How can someone be so callous? Not only did he cheat on her but also he is cruel enough to use her disease to get money from her. That is despicable. He keeps sending her texts about different items he wants. Naomi thinks that maybe this is his way to approach her  and he might want to reconcile. Yet, even though Gina has considered that explanation sometime, she is reluctant, and she is quite negative, even thinking that Stuart never loved her. I have to say that I find Naomi’s attitude quite lukewarm. Maybe it is just a cultural thing, and that is the English way. In my case, if my friend were going through the same and her ex-partner had the nerve to demand money, using her time of need, I would not be so understanding. We know that Stuart and Naomi’s husband, Jason, are friends, but even so, what Stuart is doing is not fair.


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