A Hundred Pieces of Me 3 (Pages 28 – 94)



The novel keeps fluctuating in time. In Gina’s recollections of her past we get the impression that there was a man who marked her life. His name is Kit and she met him when she was fifteen and went to Oxford to a concert. We don’t know what happened with Kit, but even her mother refers to him when they are talking about the failure of Gina’s marriage. I have to say that Janet, Gina’s mother, is not too likeable. Instead of supporting her daughter, she seems to think that there is still a hope for her to reach a compromise with Stuart even if the man is living with another woman and cheated on Gina for months!!!

We now know that the news that the doctor delivered in the prologue was that Gina had cancer. Fortunately, she beat the disease, and what she doesn’t understand is how something that should have brought her and Stuart closer has pushed him into the arms of someone else. Now Gina reckons that they should not have married.

Gina is a project manager and has her own business. Now she gets a call from a woman, Amanda Rowntree, who wants to hire her as she has bought a property and wants to renovate it. The building is listed so there are some requirements in any work done. When the woman tells her that the house she owns is the Magistrate’s House, Gina is elated and disappointed as this is a house she has always dreamed of owning. Actually, she put forward the idea when she and Stuart were house hunting, but Stuart, who is very practical, refused as buying a property like that would mean too much hassle. I have the hunch that maybe through this project Gina might get in contact with her past. Maybe Amanda’s husband is Kit?


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