At Bertram’s Hotel 3 (Pages 140 – 230)



I thought that nobody would die in this Miss Marple mystery, but the murder finally happened. It is the commissionaire Micky Gorman who is killed. It is during a very foggy night. Father – Chief Inspector Davy – was at Bertram’s Hotel, talking to Miss Marple, and when he was leaving, he heard some noise and a woman screaming. When he rushed out, he found Elvira in a panic, and she told him that someone shot at her twice, and Micky Gorman run to get her out of the way, and he was shot instead.

Father interviews Elvira, and her mother, Bess, who is still staying at the hotel, is present. The girl tells him that there have been previous attempts against her life before. She mentions an incident with some chocolates she got while staying in Italy. She got two boxes of chocolates, and both times she got sick and later discover some little holes in the chocolates and apparently they had been laced with poison. At the time she thought it might have been Guido, a man she had been seeing and who had threatened to kill her if she went with another man. Elvira also claims that she thought someone tried to push her onto the lines on the tube the other day. Later alone with the inspector, Bess, her mother, says she doesn’t believe much of what her daughter has said but she doesn’t know much about the girl who she gave birth to.

The inspector also talks to Bridget, Elvira’s friend, who says that she doesn’t think that the chocolates weren’t poisoned, and she doubts Guido could ever kill Elvira. Bridget also tells the inspector that a short while ago Elvira went to Ireland to find out something, and after that she seemed to be scared of something.  Also, Bridget admits that the man who she suspected Elvira was already seeing in Italy was Ladislau, the man who the police suspects being involved in all these robberies that have been happening. Miss Marple has already told the inspector about her worry about Elvira as she had seen him with a very inappropriate man. The problem here is that apparently Bess and Ladislau are lovers.

Davy also talks to Ladislau, who is cocky and too sure of himself. According to the man, he intends to marry Elvira, but he is quite vague later in his intentions. Davy tells him that the gun which killed Micky Gorman was the one he kept in his car. Yet, Ladislau claims that the last time he saw his gun was in the car, and he had no reasons to check the gun as he thought it was in his glove compartment. Davy is also suspicious of this man because his car seems to have been seen when the train was assaulted and in some other robberies.

As for Canon Pennyfather, he has been found. When he wakes up, he is in an unknown place, and then a woman appears. The lady tells him that her husband found him on the road, and they assumed that he had been run over. So they took him home and called a doctor, but they didn’t dare to call the police. When the man goes home, Davy talks to him, but Pennyfather doesn’t remember a thing. His last memory is when he took a taxi to go to the airport. I wonder what happened to the man. I thought that he had been hit in the head in his hotel room, but then Miss Marple saw him leave. And what was he doing in that village he had never heard of before? It seems that someone saw him on the train that was assaulted, so what was he doing there? This is a real puzzle.


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