New Book – At Bertram’s Hotel – Miss Marple 11 – by Agatha Christie (Pages 1 – 32)


First published: 1965

I have just started this new mystery featuring Miss Marple.

On this occasion Miss Marple stays at a hotel in London, Bertram’s Hotel, as her nephew, Raymond West, and his wife, Joan, have kindly paid for a book as they wanted to show her some kindness. In the hotel she runs into an old acquaintance, Lady Selina Hazy, who is staying in London to go to the dentist and another doctor. There are other characters we have already been introduced to.  Colonel Derek Luscombe is a frequent visitor of the hotel, and this time he is there to receive his guardian, Elvira and her companion Mrs Carpenter. Elvira is a young woman of about seventeen, and she mentions her mother as a distant figure who she never sees. I think Elvira’s mum is another guest, Bess Sedgwick, who is described as an adventurer who is known to be a daring woman of her time. She has also been married several times, and I think she is Elvira’s mother. At some point Miss Marple sees Bess stare at something over her shoulder and then quickly retreat into the lift again, and the only people at the entrance which she was staring at are Elvira, Mrs Carpenter, and the commissionaire.

I read the book years ago, and I have seen the TV film starring Geraldine McEwan, but I have read that the adaptation has several changes, and I don’t remember the plot too well from the time I read the novel. So I am ready to re-read it and be surprised.




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