Middlemere 9 (Chapters 12 – 15)



It is so sad that Romy and Caleb have parted ways. I knew that she had made a mistake by revealing the truth to Evelyn and then by not telling Caleb straightaway. When Caleb is driving his van, he finds Evelyn roaming the fields and paths, and noticing that the woman is not right, he stops and offers his help. It is then that she blurts out that she knows the truth about his mother and her husband, and how she has worked out that he is Osborne’s child. Caleb gets confirmation from his mother that he is really Osborne’s son, and when he goes to see Romy and discovers that it is her who has triggered all this, he is harsh and unforgiving. Then he walks away, leaving Romy alone.

After Caleb’s defection, Romy is miserable, but she has no time to linger on her miseries. Liz, Jem’s girlfriend, has decided that she needs to get married, and since Jem is unavailable, she has decided to give the baby up for adoption. So Romy knows she can’t let her do that as the baby will be the reason for Jem to fight and survive. So she decides to look after the baby while Jem is in jail. Around that time Mrs Plummer dies, and Romy discovers that the woman has left her the hotel. So Romy’s life changes quickly. She has a baby to look after, so she hires a nanny and moves to the suite, and from then on her life is to make sure the hotel runs smoothly. Romy becomes more affluent, and her style changes. Now she dresses in posh clothes and frequents swanky places. The men who she dates are unimportant until she meets Patrick Napier, a doctor of upper class. I have to say that I don’t like Patrick at all. He is too conceited, self-centred, and it is clear that he wants Romy to change and forget her love for her hotel and the baby.

Then after two years Romy runs into Caleb at a party which she has gone to with Patrick. Caleb was abroad for a year or so, and then he returned to England and worked for his former boss, Freddie. Now he has his own gardening company and owns his own flat. The night that Romy and Caleb re-meet, they are cold and aloof. Caleb doesn’t have a steady girlfriend, but he has a casual affair with Diana, a married woman, and his neighbour Alison seems to be interested in him.

The second time they meet is when Romy goes to Jake’s New Year’s party. They manage to talk a bit more, and Romy tells him about the hotel and Danny, and Caleb realises that he was rash to judge her the first time he saw her after all these years. He thought that Romy had changed and was now shallow and uncaring, but now he realises that her life hasn’t been as easy as he thought.

After New Year Romy agrees to go with Patrick to his mother’s house. His mum, Bunny, is wealthy, and Romy feels inadequate and clumsy. When she and the woman are alone, the woman is not hostile, but her words show that Romy is not welcome as she keeps making references to her disapproval of women working and how her son would want his wife to keep home for him. I hope that Romy breaks up witht his stilted man because I can’t stand him.

Then Romy calls Caleb because she wants to reform the garden in the hotel as she feels that the establishment needs some renovation. Little by little they start talking, and even though they are careful to say anything about the past, I am glad that they are getting closer. Romy knows that Caleb knows her better than anyone… better than Patrick, who doesn’t know anything about her past or her family. I hope that they get back together and stop fooling around with other people.


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