Agatha Christie 8 (40% – 46%)


After Agatha Christie’s eleven-day disappearance, the press was vicious in their criticism about what they considered had been a hoax. Archie claimed that his wife had suffered amnesia and didn’t remember who she was, how she had come to be in Harrogate, or who her family was. The press did not believe him even though he handed a medical bulletin from Dr Donald Core, lecturer in neurology in Manchester University, and Madge’s own doctor, Dr Henry Wilson.

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The author of the book mentions that there have been many theories about Agatha Christie’s disappearance. One book was written based on the memories of the daughter of Agatha Christie’s friend Nan Kon. According to the book, Agatha and Nan planned the whole thing together, and after leaving the car, Agatha took a train to London and spent the night with Nan. The author doesn’t think this is very likely as the times don’t match.

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After Agatha’s disappearance, Archie drifted further apart, and she had to accept that their marriage was over. So she moved to a flat in Chelsea while Archie remained in Styles, which he was trying to sell.

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In 1928 Agatha and her husband divorced, and shortly afterwards he married Nancy Neele.

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In 1928 she writes her first novel under the pen-name “Mary Westmacott”, Giant’s Bread”.

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In 1928 Agatha Christie was also busy finishing the Mystery of the Blue Train, which she later claimed to hate, and The Big Four.

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Agatha was depressed and felt she was at sea. So she decided to travel alone. In 1928, Christie left England for Istanbul and subsequently for Baghdad on the Orient Express.

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The book mentions that Agatha Christie seemed to have get back her faith and confidence at the Cilician Gates. The Cilician Gates or Gülek Pass is a pass through the Taurus Mountains connecting the low plains of Cilicia to the Anatolian Plateau.

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