New Book – Of Marriageable Age by Sharon Maas (Chapter 1)


First published: 2000

This new book starts in India in 1947.

A young child, Paul, is in an orphanage run by nuns. One day he sees a white man on a motorbike appear in the orphanage. From time to time people come because they want to adopt one of the children, and Paul remembers one time when a lady who had lost her child came to see the children. Paul caught her attention, especially because his skin is whiter than the other boys, but then one of the nuns talked to the woman, and she changed her mind. Paul thinks that there is a dark secret about him which the nun told the woman. Now as he watches the man arrive and he prays he can be chosen, but he is afraid that the man will also be told the secret. Yet, this man knows what he wants and asks for Paul, and soon he is signing the necessary paperwork, and Paul can’t be happier. As they reach the motorbike, the man tells Paul to hold tight, and he also says that from now on, Paul will be Nat…Nataraj. I am curious about this boy’s story. Who is he in reality? Who are his parent? Why was he in the orphanage? Are his parents really dead? Who is the man who has adopted him? He seemed focused on Paul, so maybe he is his father, or maybe related to him.


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