The Daughter 3 (Pages 135 – 149)



After learning about Louisa’s death, Jessica can’t stop thinking about Cara, the little girl who was best friends with Beth, and she feels for her. Jess went through a similar ordeal when her mother took her own life. Telling herself that she wants to make sure Cara is all right, she drives to the house and knocks at the door. Simon appears, looking the worse for wear. Then he explains that when she returned from Jess’s house, he confronted Louise about what he had learned. Louise was hysterical and begged him not to leave him as she planned to stay sober and be a good wife. They had a big row, and Louisa locked herself away in their room. Simon eventually managed to talk her into opening the door, and she seemed calmer. Then he had to go out to buy something for dinner, and when he returned, he found her dead. Apparently, she had a seizure caused by the lack of alcohol, and as a consequence, she had hit her head, dying instantly. Jess feels sorry and tells him that he should be there for Cara and let her know the good things about her mother. The girl is on her way back from a stint as a chalet girl in Switzerland, and when Simon sees her taxi appear, he urges Jess to go. I have to say that I don’t like Simon very much. All this talk about his eternal love for Jessica sounds a bit fake to my ears.

Later when Jess returns home, she tells her husband about Louisa dying and her decision to go and see Simon. Ed is understanding. Jess voices a worry about what Ed had told her before about making some calls, so she hints that maybe he could have hired someone to kill Louisa. I have to say that her accusation is quite incredible. How can she think that her husband can do something so horrible? And why would she think that Louise’s death is other than due to natural causes?

Jess swears that she won’t see Simon again, and she keeps her promise. Yet, she still finds out that he finally sells the house and moves from town. I have the hunch that this is not the end, and we’ll hear from Simon again in the future.


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