U is for Undertow 5 (Chapters 22 – 24)

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Kinsey gets an angry call from her friend, Lieutenant Dolan, because he has heard that she is investigating Mary Claire’s abduction. The reason why he is so angry is because it was his case years ago, and Kinsey hasn’t talked to him. Kinsey explains that she didn’t know, and when they meet, they share notes, but Kinsey doesn’t learn much more than she already knows. The only thing is that Mary Claire’s mother saw a leaf blower who she thought a neighbour had hired, but later when the child was kidnapped, nobody didn’t know about this man.

Kinsey also talks to Rain, but what she tells her is the same as Deborah told her. Rain was never traumatised because she remembers having fun. Her abductors were two, one of whom was dressed as Santa Claus and the other was wearing novelty glasses and a red wig. The abductors used a kitten to allure her, and she was happy to play with the cat, and they used a cardboard box for her to sleep in. The only thing Rain was upset about is that when she was returned home, she couldn’t keep the cat.

Walker now knows that Kinsey is after him, or at least, investigating. After the accident, he is now living in a hotel and goes to AA once a week. When he goes to pick up some clothes, his wife, Carolyn, tells him that she got a call from a private eye, called Kinsey Millhone, and she wanted to talk to his father about a dog. Walker panics, and goes to see his father. Seeing Kinsey’s card on his father’s table, he knows that Kinsey somehow managed to get hold of him, and when he asks his father about her visit, Walter clams up, saying that his matters are only his concern. Walker doesn’t need to be told more as his fear increases, and he knows that Kinsey is too close.

Apart from that, Kinsey has read the letters from her grandmother. Some of them are addressed to her aunt Ginny and some to her. In her letters Grand tells her daughter that she would like Kinsey to live with them because they could give her a good home and the support she needs. Grand writes to her several letters, trying to reassure that they would never stop her from seeing Kinsey, but they want Kinsey with them. Yet, Ginny ignores those requests and Kinsey grows up with her. The letters addressed to Kinsey are sweet, and I think they are lovely and moving, but Kinsey feels that her grandmother was writing to a ghost child because she didn’t know her. I wonder if this will make her go and see her grandmother. Now she knows that she wasn’t ignored, but her aunt stopped her other relatives to have a relationship with Kinsey for some reason.


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