Jackdaws 10 (Pages 408 – 424)



Flick and the others are in the lion’s den, and the first thing they do is to cut off the electricity in the chateau. In the dark Flick, Greta, and Jerry go to the basement. On their way they have a few run-ins with several guards who Flick kills. Once in the communications centre Greta and Jerry set everything for a detonation.

After everything is done, Flick rushes to find Ruby, who has been tortured in a horrible way. Flick finds her, tied up on a torture device. When she frees her, she is surprised by Ruby’s torturer, but Ruby hits him with a iron bar and then he ties him to the electric device and switches on, making him suffer like her.

While Flick is freeing Ruby, Greta is detained by Dieter and taken to a interrogation room. Greta has lost all her fears, and she has no problems stating that she is doing her bit to attack the Nazis because they killed her lover. She lets Dieter know that she is a man, and she is happy to do whatever she can to destroy the Nazi regime. I am afraid for Greta, who is a lovely character. I hope that Flick, Ruby, or Jerry manage to liberate her.

The book is reaching its end. I am curious to know if all the women will survive the mission. What about Michel and Gilberte? Dieter has some plans for them, and I am curious if he will carry them through with the mess in the chateau. I really hope that things will work out for Flick and Paul, and Dieter deserves something really bad happening to him.


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