Jackdaws 9 (Pages 389 – 408)



Another incident dwindles Flick’s unit. When the women are getting ready to get into the chateau, Flick realises that the bags that the real cleaners have are not big enough for their guns. So she sends Ruby to buy some shopping bags in the shop at the corner. From the window Flick and Paul watch Ruby leave the shop and a gendarme starts being abusive and accuses her of being a gypsy. When the man grabs her by the arm with the intention of arresting her, Ruby takes hold of her knife and stabs him. As the man collapses and dies, the Nazis appear and arrest Ruby.

Despite this last mishap, Flick is still adamant to continue with the mission, and since Ruby’s arrest has caused an uproar at the chateau, the three women are able to access the place without much trouble.

At the same time, Dieter realises that following Michel to Marles has been a trick to divert their attention. When Michel fails to turn up in Marles, Dieter thinks that he is on the next train to Reims, so then they are able to catch him there. When it is clear that following him won’t take them anywhere, Dieter arrests him, intending to get as much information as possible, and he plans to use Gilberte to make him talk. He has had the idea to threaten to send the young woman to a concentration camp if Michel won’t speak. I hope that Michel, who is an experienced man of the resistance, knows how to deal with Dieter.

Dieter has also got notification of Ruby’s arrest, and he knows that she is part of the Jackdaws. So he knows that he is close to catching Flick. I think he now sees Flick as a challenge, and he will do anything to capture her. His pride has been wounded as Flick has been more intelligent than him and has managed to escape through his fingers a few times. This as well as his pain for Stephanie’s death push him to the extreme, and he won’t stop at anything. Now he has ordered for the Gestapo to question all civilians working at the chateau who are French. I am curious to know how this will end. I hope that Flick gets to blow off the chateau, and Dieter should get his comeuppance too for all the horrible things he has done.


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