Jackdaws 6 (Pages 242 – 302)



When Dieter intercepts the message that reveals that Flick and a unit are to land in France. So he gathers the Gestapo units and arranges everything to surprise Flick and her unit. To do that, they round the villagers and lock them in the manor. So when the plane flies over the village, Flick feels that there is something wrong as everything is pitch dark and nothing stirs below. So Flick asks the pilot to take them somewhere else, and they have to land in Chartres.

When the plane flies away, Michel, Brian, and Gilberte, who were the welcoming committee, are thrown by the sudden change. Dieter is angry and orders to arrest Michel and the others. Yet, Brian tries to escape, so he is shot dead. Then Michel and Gilberte are taken to the Gestapo’s headquarters. Dieter thinks that he can make Gilberte confess what she knows. So tricking Michel into copying a passage of a book which is a love letter, Dieter makes Gilberte believe that Michel doesn’t love her and has only been using her. So foolish Gilberte tells them about Brian and the room where he was staying. What Dieter wanted is to find where the transmitter is, so now that he has Brian’s address, it is as easy as pie to get hold of the radio, and then he gets the next information about Flick. She has been dropped somewhere else, so even though he doesn’t know the location, that doesn’t stop him. Now the photo he nicked from Brian comes in handy. He has copies of Flick’s picture made, and he orders to have the photograph sent to Paris and handed out.

In Chartres Flick and the girls are received by the resistance there. Flick wants to reach Paris as soon as possible, so they need to take a train. Before reaching the station, they are divided into pairs, each of whom has a made-up story to tell the authorities if they are stopped.

Once on the train they travel in the same carriage as two gendarmes. Their game is up when Diana wakes up and speaks in English. Christian, one of the gendarmes, realize the truth, but to Flick’s relief, the man assures her that their secret is safe with him, which means he is a sympathiser to the resistance. When they reach Paris, Flick is shocked to find her photograph being put up on the station walls. There is no way she can walk out of the place without being stopped by the Nazis. Yet, she has a sudden idea, which involves the gendarmes she met on the train. So she approaches Christian and tells him and his partner that she needs their cooperation, and the only way she could walk out of the station is if she were already arrested. So the gendarmes pretend that they have arrested her and are taking Flick to his headquarters. The German officers at the checkpoint don’t question the gendarmes’ word, so they escort Flick outside the station, and when they are safely outside, Flick can finally continue with the plan.

The book is getting more and more interesting. I hate Dieter, and I really hope that he fails and Flick gets to carry out the plan successfully.


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