P is for Peril 4 (Pages 198 – 273)



Kinsey is really good at her job. After the fuss about Leila playing truant, she finds the girl with her friend Paulie. Though Leila is quite hostile, Kinsey persuades her to get into the car, and she takes her to Lloyd’s. Her stepfather is not in; Kinsey keeps asking Leila questions, and she tells her that she met Paulie in juvie when she was arrested for trespassing, and that is why her mother doesn’t like her. While Leila is watching television, Kinsey has a look around the house. Upstairs she finds a telescope, and when she looks through it, she realises that the area where Fiona lives is just close by, and then she notices some marks near the lake.

Then Kinsey tells Leila she has to go and drives to the lake. As she approaches, she realises she is right. There is a car submerged in the lake, so she calls the police. The car is retrieved. It is Dow’s missing car, and the divers reveal that there is a body inside and apart from confirmation from forensics, it is safe to say that Dow is the person in the car.

That night Kinsey feels very upset after seeing the dead body of Dow. Not wanting to be alone, she knocks at Henry’s door. Henry makes her dinner, and Kinsey tells him about her terrible night. Then she also tells him about Tommy Hevener, and what the lawyer from the insurance company asked her to do. Henry doesn’t like what he is hearing, and argues with Kinsey that she should let the matter go as it is very dangerous. Kinsey doesn’t like to be told what to do, and she and Henry have a row.

The following morning after reconsidering things, she decides that she won’t get involved with Tommy Hevener and Mariah Talbot, the lawyer. There is a message from Tommy on her answering machine, which she deletes, and when she sees that her cheque to Tommy’s brother hasn’t been cashed, she stops the order for the cheque to be paid. Later that night when she goes to Rosie’s to have some dinner, to her chagrin she sees Tommy at one of the tables, and in a booth close by, she recognises the lawyer. Not wanting to give the game away, Kinsey feels obliged to sit with Tommy, who acts more forceful than previously. Then she excuses herself to order some drinks, and then she goes to the toilets where she has seen Mariah sneak. Kinsey tells her that the disguise she has on won’t deceive Tommy, and she also lets her know that she won’t help her to ensnare Tommy. What Mariah asks her is to distract Tommy now so that she can leave safely.

When Kinsey returns to her table, Henry is there with Tommy. To her shock, Henry drops in the conversation what Mariah asked her to do: mention a jeweller in Los Angeles that he supposedly knows and who won’t be too scrupulous. This is the trap that Mariah Talbot thinks will trick Tommy into thinking that this is one way he and his brother could sell the jewels that they allegedly stole from their parents. What Henry is trying now is that if Tommy and her brother were caught, they wouldn’t think the information came from Kinsey and go after her. For the first time we see that Kinsey is scared of someone, and she is afraid of Tommy.

Apart from the matter about Tommy, Henry has some juicy information as well. The man has been sorting out the medical bills of Rosie’s late sister. Henry has found some receipts for the woman from the clinic where Dow worked. Klotilde, Rosie’s sister, stayed there for a while, but the strange thing is that the receipts are for July and August, and Klotilde died in April. So later that night Kinsey goes to the clinic, and using the help of a resident, she manages to get into the offices and she finds Klotilde’s file and makes copies of it.

I am still clueless about Dow and the circumstances of his death. Did he kill himself, or did someone else kill him? And why? Did Dow discover something that implicated someone, and that person killed him to shut him up?


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