P is for Peril 2 (Pages 64 – 124)



Kinsey doesn’t hold out much hope in sorting out the case. Yet, she has to try, especially since Fiona Purcell has paid a retainer of $1,500. She goes to the clinic where Dow worked, and a very loquacious receptionist tells her some important facts. What the staff are saying is that Dowan has fled because of fraud. Apparently, he was being investigated in that direction, and people think that Dowan must have felt scared of facing the music, and that was why he has gone.

Blanche, Dowan’s daughter, has another theory. She thinks that Crystal is behind Dowan’s disappearance. Apparently, they had a prenup which means that if Crystal divorced him, she wouldn’t get any money from him. Only in the event of death, she would be his heir. So Blanche thinks that Crystal has kidnapped him as she wants out of the marriage. The woman apparently is having an affair with her personal trainer, so since divorce is out of the question, she has a motive to kill her. However, Blanche believes that her father is still alive because a friend of hers is a psychic and she can feel the man is alive.

Kinsey also visits Joel Glazer, who was Dowan’s employer, but the man has little to add. Glazer is married to Donna Glazer, who is a woman who Kinsey helped in another novel in the disappearance of her husband. Donna is the one who recommended Kinsey to Fiona. Donna also has evidence that Crystal was cheating on Dowan. She and her husband have a cottage on their property, and she rented it to Crystal’s personal trainer. So from her own home Donna could see that Crystal visited the man every day and stayed there for over an hour, so that is why she thinks that she wasn’t faithful.

The plot is getting more and more interesting, but there are still very few clues to have a theory.


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