New Book – The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths (Pages 1 – 16)


Publishing year: 2009

This is the first book of series featuring Dr Ruth Galloway.

Ruth is a doctor in forensic archaeology and gives lectures at university. She lives in quite an isolated area of town as she likes it there. We also know that she struggles with her weight, feeling too big.

One morning she gets to university and sees her head of department, Phil, with another man. They stop, and Phil introduces her to the stranger. It is Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson, who wants to talk about some bones that have been discovered in the area where she lives. Nelson wants to know if the bones are old, and apparently, there is an ongoing investigation as the police suspect there has been a murder.

Interesting start. I like Ruth already. I find her quite fresh and quirky, and I can feel she is going to be a new female character that I am going to enjoy reading about.


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